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World Fair Trade Day 2009:

Oxfam America

Lutheran World Relief

Fair Trade Certified

Catholic Relief Services

Fair Trade Federation

Gifts with Humanity

Global Crafts

Dr. Bonner's Magic

Wholesome Sweeteners

Handmade Expressions


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Respect Fair Trade Sports

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A local family farm comes to drop off thier harvest at the co-op warehouse, Fair Trade Coffee, Chiapas 2008.World Fair Trade Day, May 9, 2009, is an international celebration and promotion of Fair Trade. Celebrations are spread throughout 80 countries worldwide. World Fair Trade Organization members organizations, along with Fair Trade shops and networks, host events - including Fair Trade food tastings, talks, music concerts, fashion shows and much more - to promote Fair Trade and campaign for trade justice together with farmers & artisans. Many communities are celebrating World Fair Trade Day a few days before or after May 9th. With you, we hope to involve more churches, synagogues, businesses, schools, villages, towns, and cities in Fair Trade than ever before.

Check out events near you, or post your own, on our Events Calendar.

Use our Fair Trade Break Action Guide to easily plan your own Fair Trade event.

Order free print or electronic materials from our WFTD Toolkit.

Join Us! Set the Record for the World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break

For World Fair Trade Day 2009, we will surpass the world record for the World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break.  On & around May 9, 2009, people around the globe will take a break to enjoy a cup of Fair Trade coffee or other Fair Trade beverage.  We aim to take back the record from Fairtrade Finland, who organized 50,000 people in October 2008.  To learn more about joining this historic event, go to World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break.

Everything is Better When It’s Fair

World Fair Trade Day in the U.S. this year is accompanied by the theme, “Everything is Better When It’s Fair.”

Fair Trade is more than coffee, chocolate and handcrafts. Americans can now enjoy fair trade sugar, bananas, rice, soccer balls, flowers, wine and more! Retail sales in the U.S. of Fair Trade products surpassed $1 billion per year.

The lives of producers and consumers are better because of Fair Trade. When we support Fair Trade, we not only support the people who make the items we consume and enjoy, we also support the environment, women’s rights, children’s rights, cultural dignity and peace building. That’s a powerful thing to do by choosing to buy Fair Trade products.

Who’s Who in World Fair Trade Day 2009

Fair Trade Resource Network

FTRN is the national coordinator of World Fair Trade Day in the US. It is working with leading Fair Trade organizations and companies to make this year’s World Fair Trade Day the largest ever. Access more information about FTRN.

World Fair Trade Organization

WFTO (formerly IFAT) is the international coordinating organization of World Fair Trade Day. WFTO is working with groups in Europe, such as NEWS and various organizations around the world to enhance solidarity with producers on the day. Access more information about WFTO.

Major Sponsors

Major Sponsors provide the resources and guidance to make World Fair Trade Day a success. FTRN is pleased to be working with the following major sponsors: Catholic Relief Services, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Fair Trade Federation, Gifts With Humanity, Global Crafts, Handmade Expressions, Jamtown, Lutheran World Relief, Oxfam America, Sierra Club, TransFair and Wholesome Sweeteners. See more WFTD 2009 sponsors.


Sponsors provide resources, ‘special offers’ and promotions of Fair Trade materials to be used during the Fair Trade Breaks. See all WFTD 2009 sponsors.

Fair Trade Resource Network

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