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World’s Largest FT Coffee Break

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Help Set a World Record May 10

WFTD 2008 Fair Trade Break PosterHow does the World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break Work?

For WFTD 2008, we will set the world record for the World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break. On May 10, 2008 at 3 pm Eastern/Noon Pacific. people across the country will take a break to enjoy a cup of Fair Trade coffee or other Fair Trade beverage. We will be setting a new record that will serve as a benchmark for futres years’ challenges!

Participating in the World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break is a great way to communicate the solidarity of the Fair Trade movement in the U.S. and celebrate those who produce the things that we buy. WFTD 1

So to join in, use this page, the tools in the WFTD Toolkit, use the WFTD Action Guide to shape what happens, and use the WFTD Media Kit to engage the media. Your event can be as big or small as you choose. What’s important is that you are COUNTED!

Who can participate?

Anyone. So long as you are serving Fair Trade beverages that are certified by TransFair USA or produced by a member of the Fair Trade Federation, we invite you to join in and BE COUNTED. Invite people to your home. Host an event at your church, synagogue, or mosque. Integrate the Break into your local Farmer’s Market.

I am so busy! Does this take a lot of time to organize?

No. FTRN and Fair Trade Towns have been working hard to make this a simple undertaking for you. Use the poster, postcards, and other tools in the WFTD toolkit to publicize your event. Post your event on the events page, and on the day of your event, have Fair Trade coffee or other beverages available. Informational materials for use on the day are also available in the WFTD toolkit. After your event is complete, let us know how many people participated. Whether its 5 people in your home or 500 people in your community, every participant matters! (Hint: Use the World’s Largest Coffee Break Checklist to help in prepations.)

How do we count and report participants involved?

1. Assign a volunteer to tally the number of participants attending your event. If you have a large number of participants, you may wish to have a committee help in ascertaining numbers. You may also find this attendance sheet to be a helpful tool in keeping track. (Hint: The contact details from the attendance sheet is also a great way to follow up with folks about future actions.)

2. Take photos and video of your event. While this is not required to be counted, it is a great way to document the turnout, and we really would love to see and showcase your event!

3. Email your final count of participants to Sara Stender, FTTowns Coordinator (sara[AT] and send your photos, videos, and stories to wftday[AT]

Is the World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break only about Fair Trade coffee?

No. Setting the record is about everything that is Fair Trade. And just like coffee breaks at work, we welcome “breakers” of all kinds to take some time out to raise whatsever is in their mug, glass, cup, or bottle to Fair Trade. So, be creative. Expand your Fair Trade coffee (iced or hot) break options by offering Fair Trade tea or iced tea, Fair Trade hot cocoa, or Fair Trade lemonade (made with FT sugar and organic lemons). Or make Fair Trade banana milkshakes, using Fair Trade bananas, Fair Trade vanilla, and local, organic milk and/or ice cream. Or consider serving baked goods using Fair Trade ingredients that would go well with your coffee, such as biscotti and scones (find FT recipes here). Use this occassion to showcase how versatile Fair Trade can be! (Hint: a Fair Trade bakesale is a great way to raise funds for your new Fair Trade Coalition.)

We are hosting a WFTD celebration that is not billed as a “Fair Trade Break”. Can we still participate in setting the record?

Yes. Participation in a coffee break can be part of any other WFTD activity – whether it’s a Fair Trade house party, a Fair Trade concert or fair, or Fair Trade soccer game. Fair Trade coffees - and any other Fair Trade beverages – complement anything you are up to. Simply invite participants in your event to join in setting the record by taking a moment to think about the folks who make the products we use and the food we eat.

What if our “Fair Trade Break” is not scheduled for exactly 3 pm Eastern / 12 pm Pacific? Can we still participate in setting the World Record?

Yes. While we recommend that folks set their event to correspond with this act of solidarity at 3 pm EDT / 12 pm PDT on May 10, we welcome you to integrate your WFTD “Fair Trade Break” into our record-setting efforts. So, for example, if you are “breaking” at 4 pm EDT, you can still participate. All “Fair Trade Breaks” held on the afternoon of May 10 will be eligible to be counted.

What are some ways we can ensure that our efforts to set the World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break correspond with WFTD’s environmental focus?

Minimize waste at your event.

Avoid the use of disposable cups by encouraging participants to bring their own mugs/cups, etc. It is likely you will need to make disposable cups available, but work to make sure these are recyclable. Another idea is to have available for sale reusable FT mugs and cups that can be used for the Break and beyond in participants homes – a nice way to remember the event. Find great mugs/cups made by FTF members

Dispose of waste responsibly.

Have recycling bins set out at the event, so folks can recycle any disposable containers properly. Compost used coffee, tea and other organic waste.Coop America offers some guidance.

Share the message.

Use the WFTD poster to communicate the theme throughout the event. In addition, print (on recycled paper) and distribute the Coop America’s Fair Trade and the Environment handout.

Think local. Use organic.

Try to use and promote organic, locally-grown products (e.g. milk, flour, eggs) wherever possible.

Limit the event’s carbon footprint.

Encourage participants to walk to the event or take public transport. Carbon offset your event. Learn how from Native Energy.

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