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Exert is provided by Canaan Fair Trade. Visit their website here.

Olive oil is the national product of Palestine, and the olive tree is a symbol of Palestinian identity. Olive orchards cover 80% of the farmed land. The trees are planted on terraced hillsides and live for centuries. There are ancient presses in the olive orchards that date to the Stone Age. The trees are the ultimate example of sustainability. Traditional Palestinian farming methods are naturally organic, and olive trees thrive in the dry Palestinian climate. Their annual pruning supplies twigs for weaving the traditional Qirtalla baskets. The first pressing yields Canaan’s extra virgin olive oil. Second pressings supply the oil for our traditional soap. The crushed olive pits are burned in the Taboun ovens to make bread for the traditional olive harvest dinner. Nothing is wasted in traditional Palestinian farming, now popularly known as sustainable farming.

The olive harvest is a joyful family affair. Extra hands are always welcome. You can join the harvest next year, stay with a host family and work the harvest with them for a genuine Palestinian cultural experience. The weather is beautiful in Palestine this time of year, and the hospitality and food are legendary. The picking is done from mid-October to December, but you’ll want to plan your trip to attend the Olive Harvest Festival in early November, ideally a week of harvest (including a one day orientation in Jenin) and another week to tour historic and beautiful Palestine.

Volunteers should expect to have an enjoyable yet hard working stay in Palestine. Farmers wake early, hit the fields by 8am, and stay until sunset. A light lunch is provided in the fields. A lifetime experience and relationship with your host family and village are also included! For more information on how to volunteer during the Olive Harvest, contact:

Contact in Palestine:

Canaan Director Nasser Abufarha 011.972.59.816.2316

Contact in U.S:

US Sales Coordinator Diane Adkin 360.980.2580

Fair Trade Resource Network

PO Box 12347 Philadelphia, PA 19119-0347