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Photo Contest

Fair Trade Resource Network closed down in May 2014. The website at, and its contents, were left available to the public through Fall 2014. At that time, Fair Trade Federation takes ownership and control of the website and its contents.

Winners of the Fair Trade Photo Contest

The 12 winning photos below are featured each month in the 2014 Fair Trade Calendar. The 1st Place Winner is featured on the cover!

The photos were submitted by the public, and voted on by the public, during the 5th annual Fair Trade Photo Contest, held June-July 2013.

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1st Place Winner

Entry #87

Credit: Mata Traders

These children are playing at a daycare center located on-site in a Mumbai women’s cooperative. Mata Traders partners with this cooperative to bring stylish Fair Trade apparel to the American market.


Entry #5

Credit: Baskets of Africa

Celebrations and ceremony are a key part of life in rural Northern Ghana, West Africa. After a visit from a Fair Trade buyer, weavers may sing and dance for many hours to mark the occasion. Village life normally doesn’t include an opportunity to earn money - so selling baskets for sustainable wage, Fair Trade prices truly transforms the lives of a weaver’s family.


Entry #8

Credit: Canaan Fair Trade

This Palestinian farmer’s son holds an olive, their national treasure. Fair trade has made olive farming a sustainable living again, even in a conflict region. Canaan Fair Trade farmers get paid at the olive press, so they can put their next crop in the ground, put the addition on their house, educate their children, live their lives. This child could receive one of 10 full university scholarships that Canaan awards every year to farmers’ children.


Entry #16

Credit: Shared Interest

A Ugandan Fair Trade tea co-operative, Mpanga, used their loan from Shared Interest Society, the world’s only 100% Fair Trade lender, to supply fertilizer to their 1,000 farmer members. The fertilizer has had a fantastic result, increasing yields, quality and income for the farmers and their families.


Entry #36

Credit: Manos Zapotecas

Sometimes watching the artisans weave can be magical, such as a feeling of awe in this shot of Andres at his loom. This photo was taken in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico, on a trip to visit wonderful weaving families.


Entry #38

Credit: Venture Imports

When Teresa was widowed 13 years ago, she wondered how she would care for her six children. Then she found a job sanding stone carvings. The stones are chopped into shape by men using machetes. Then Teresa and her friends wet-sand the carvings until they’re smooth to the touch.


Entry #44

Credit: The Blessing Basket Project

Majada Katoon is a Blessing Basket Artisan from Bangladesh. For more than 20 years she wove for a middle man who paid her so poorly she could eat only one meal a day. After weaving for The Blessing Basket less than 3 years, she used her Prosperity Wages to lease an acre of land where she now grows more rice than she could ever eat. When asked how it felt knowing she will never go hungry again, this was her reaction.


Entry #50

Credit: Mary Hensley

The Amganad community gathers at the ceremonial terrace of elder Anna Habiling in Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines to open the harvesting season for *tinawon* rice. The growing of traditional varieties of rice has been at the center of their culture for generations.


Entry #60

Credit: Pure Art / Robert Mckinnon

Earthen hands of Fair Trade cradle distinctive Maasai beadwork along the Tanzanian/Kenyan border at Ololosokwan, representing a colorful landscape of a proud semi-nomadic people. Engaging in talented artistry and a respectful exchange offers artisans hope for improved tribal life. Pure Art is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation in Canada.


Entry #73

Credit: Ruth Roberts

At the busy Jacobs Well fair trade fashion production house in Bangalore, India, there is always time to share a joke! Kanchana is one of the newest members of the team and brightens everyone’s day with her smile and infectious giggle.


Entry #85

Credit: Eighth Wonder, Inc and RICE, Inc

Over three weeks in September 2012, 185 small-holding farmers of the Rice Terraces Farmers Cooperative (Philippines) came together to consolidate and process their harvest of heirloom rice for local and export sales. These are the faces of the project- farmers, their children, NGO staff and supporting government officials.


Entry #93

Credit: FYSIC

This is the connection started with the Fysic project, in Modica, Sicily (Italy). Young people from Cote D’Ivoire, Togo, Czech Republic and Italy met there in order to share experiences and information about Fair Trade, with the goal of creating a wide net for responsible tourism and chocolate production.

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