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In this section, learn the latest news from Fair Trade Towns and Communities around the USA. This is the official news source for Fair Trade Towns USA — visit to learn more.

It’s time for fair trade

- Amherst Bulletin

Land and water conservation, environmental education and the common good of our community are values shared by residents of Amherst. We might add to that list social justice and economic well-being. These are topics that are spoken of in this newspaper, in Amherst’s Town Meeting, and not infrequently in the coffee shops and restaurants. Amherst residents care for the quality of life here, and Amherst is seen as a progressive community.

These same values of caring for the land and environment, for the common good and for each other, are shared in communities worldwide. Families and farmers living in developing countries, who provide us with some of our daily consumed items, share these ideals as well. However, because of social and economic injustice, many can’t send their children to school, have to work in dangerous and unhealthy conditions, and are not fairly compensated for their work. (more…)

Taos earns fair trade town designation


TAOS, N.M.—Taos has been designated a fair trade town.
Taos town councilors approved a fair trade resolution in February and enacted guidelines to prepare for the designation, which was announced this week.

“Right now, it’s of a nascent concept here,” said Steve Gloss of Sustaining Cultures, a Taos educational organization that runs a gallery of crafts from around the world. (more…)

Fair Trade products increasing in U.S. towns

- The Daily O'Collegian

Finding a politician with a clean conscious may be harder than finding a Brazilian who is bad at soccer.

However, at least six mayors in the U.S. can say they are doing an honest action just by sipping their coffee every morning.

They know the coffee they’re drinking comes from a non-exploitative factory and they are helping an underdeveloped country come out of poverty one cup at a time.

Northampon, Mass., became the sixth “Fair Trade Town? in the U.S. last Thursday. From now on, Northampon City Council will encourage residents to buy and sell products that come from labor and environmentally friendly practices, and are guaranteed a fair price for the costumer and the producer. (more…)

Northampton Becomes the 6th Fair Trade Town in the USA


NORTHAMPTON, MA - Northampton Fair Trade Committee is proud to announce that Northampton, Massachusetts, has become the 6th Fair Trade Town in the USA with the unanimous passing of the “Buy Local, Buy Fair” Resolution at the City Council meeting Thursday night.

The Fair Trade Towns movement began in the UK in 2001 as a way to promote awareness of how fairly traded products make a difference in the lives of producers and their communities by providing them with a fair, living wage for their work. Since then, over 300 communities worldwide have become Fair Trade Towns, but the movement is just getting started in the United States. (more…)

Northampton Works Toward ‘Fair Trade Town’ Status

- The Smith College Sophian

Over the past several years, terms like “organic” and “fair trade” have come to append myriad definitions in consumer culture. Throughout Europe, and increasingly throughout the United States, a movement has spread to stipulate not only the requirements of fair trade products but also to distinguish areas dedicated to the furthering of fair trade practices in their businesses. After the recent success of Amherst being declared the third “Fair Trade Town” in the United States, Northampton hopes to soon become the fifth town nationally to join the push. (more…)

Woman proposes fair trade town

- The Sun Times, CAN

Liz Campbell believes Saugeen Shores could become the third “fair trade town” in Canada.

“By becoming a fair trade town, we are confirming our community’s commitment to supporting the principles of fair trade and improving the livelihood of millions of farmers and workers in the global south who benefit from the fair trade certification system,” the Port Elgin resident told a town council committee of the whole meeting earlier this month.

Campbell said among of the major goals of the program are to encourage access to fair trade-certified products in the community and to increasing public awareness of the issue of fair trade. (more…)

Wales says make it a fair Christmas


Children at St Joseph’s RC High School, Newport, have set-up a Fair Trade shop, ensured supplies of Fair Trade products in the canteen, used Fair Trade flowers in services and even have Fair Trade footballs in PE Lessons. (more…)

Town of Taos asked to join Fair Trade initiative

- The Taos News

Fair Trade or free trade? What do those terms mean to the consumer?

The Taos News has been running a poll on our Web site and the majority of the more than 250 Taose-os responding to the poll, did not understand the difference between fair trade and free trade products. (more…)

Wales ahead in bid to be first Fairtrade country

- icWales

WALES is battling with the small principality of Liechtenstein in a bid to become the world’s first Fairtrade country.

And yesterday it emerged that Wales has forged ahead of the Alpine nation near Switzerland, now that the large county of Powys has been given status confirming its commitment to ethically produced goods.

The county follows in the footsteps of Denbighshire in North Wales and cities including Cardiff and Swansea in South Wales. It means Wales is now just three towns short of gaining the accolade.

Leslie Ann Dupre, co-ordinator for Fairtrade in Powys, said, “The county-wide criteria was met in Powys, making the declaration of Wales as a Fairtrade country an imminent prospect. (more…)

Amherst ‘fair-trade’ cause reverberates worldwide

- Amherst Bulletin

Now that Yuri Friman has convinced Amherst Town Meeting to support his fair trade campaign, he plans to bring a Peruvian coffee-bean farmer to town, urge supermarkets to diversify their offerings and promote fair trade Hanukkah chocolates. (more…)

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