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Overview of the Fair Trade Movement - Booklet

An Overview of Fair Trade in North America

By FTRN, published Nov 2011 ~ 34 pg. booklet ~ High school & above ~ 25 FREE copies for WFTD events, $2 for additional copies. Hard and soft copy includes password to edit and copy the Power Point presentation of booklet highlights!

FTRN says: “A quick read offering a comprehensive overview of the North American Fair Trade movement. The definitive booklet on Fair Trade’s various models, success stories, major names, facts and figures, brief history and key challenges and opportunities.”

Summary/review: This publication will help readers:

  • Understand how Fair Trade relationships in over 60 developing countries enhance the quality of life of producers and their communities.
  • Interact with a global community taking action to ease inequities wrought by traditional trade structures.
  • Navigate the complicated world of organizations, labels and definitions of Fair Trade.

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This booklet was supported by the following sponsors:

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps ~ Once Again Nut Butter ~ Fair for Life ~ Fair World Project ~ Ganesh Himal ~ HandCrafting Justice ~ Ten Thousand Villages USA ~ Theo Chocolate

2014 Fair Trade wall calendar - the only one in N. America

2014 Fair Trade Calendar

By FTRN ~ 26 pg. calendar ~ for adults & children.

Calendar Quantity Regular price per copy
1 copy $12.95
2 to 10 $7.50
11 to 49 $7.00
50 to 99 $6.50
100+ $6.00

FTRN says: “The 2014 Fair Trade Calendar is the only one available in N. America. In its 5th year, the full color 13.5″ x 9.5″ calendar is stunning.”

Summary/review: This publication will help readers:

  • Enjoy winning photos of Fair Trade producers from the Fair Trade Photo Contest, voted on by supporters of the Fair Trade movement.
  • find Fair Trade vendors in a Where to Buy Fair Trade section listing Fair Trade businesses throughout the U.S, along with Fair Trade fun facts and more!
  • raise awareness about Fair Trade and generate funds for FTRN as well as calendar resellers.

This unique calendar is made possible by the following sponsors:

Ben & Jerry’s | Consolidated Printing | Fair Trade USA | Fair for Life Fairtrade Certified | Fairtrade America | Frontier Natural Products Co-op | Indigenous Designs Fair Trade clothing | Minga Fair Trade Imports | Once Again Nut Butter | One World Flowers | Ten Thousand Villages USA | Traditional Medicinals

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Introduction to Fair Trade - Kids Book

Think Fair Trade First!

By Ingrid Hess, published February 2010 ~ Ages 3-8 ~ 40 color pages 8×9 inches, softcover book ~ 25 FREE copies for WFTD events, $2 each for additional copies.

FTRN says: “A fun educational read and a joy to look at, this book is a rare and engaging Fair Trade resource for kids aged 3-8. Younger children can search for the ladybug on each spread, and listen to or read the fictional story. Older children can also read the nonfiction sections on each spread.”

Summary/review: Stella & Henry are on a mission to find the perfect gift. With help from Aunt Mabel, the two children discover the world of Fair Trade and learn how shopping wisely can improve people’s lives.

“Think Fair Trade First!” explains Fair Trade’s comprehensive approach to business and development with fun, educational content for kids and grown-ups alike. A great find for teachers to explain how their students can make the world a better place.

~ Carmen K. Iezzi, Executive Director, Fair Trade Federation

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Download free Scavenger Hunt guide to use with this book.

Retailer’s Guide - Booklet

A Guide for Retailer’s: Creating a Successful Fair Trade Business

By Kimberly Grimes ~ 42 pg. booklet ~ For those starting FT businesses ~ $4.95 retail / $3 wholesale plus shippingFTRN says: “Based on personal experiences from more than 75 diverse shops around North America, this is a must-read for anyone starting a Fair Trade business.”

Summary/review: Filled with practical, proven advice from a variety of Fair Trade entrepreneurs, the Guide for Retailers is will help any new Fair Trade business owner dedicate his/her business aspirations in the service of Fair Trade principles. It provides step-by-step guidance for necessary preparations, building a successful foundation, and enjoying the benefits of a well-run Fair Trade business.

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Amazon Story - Kids Book & CD

A Journey In the Amazon

By Marco Hernandez & Kimberly Grimes ~ ages 10 & up, CD for all ages ~ Fundraiser for the Amazon Nut Project ~ Retail Prices: CD set $22 / Book $15 / Book & CD set together $35 plus shipping ~ Wholesale Prices (3 or more copies): CD set $15 / Book $7.50 plus shipping

FTRN says: “A wonderful read and a joy to the ear, this CD set and book supports Amazonian farmers who strive to provide for their families while preserving the ecological balance of the rainforest.”

Summary/review: Features the smooth rhythms of Bossa Nova of the Brazilian coast to the ancient pipes and strings of the high Amazon jungle, plus a CD with sounds of jungle animals recorded at night. The wonderful “children’s” book of the same name teaches us all, young and old, about the rainforest, its riches and its needs. Traveling down the Amazon is a journey we all need to take, in words if not in canoes, to understand the rich diversity of our planet and why it is at risk.

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Webinars on Key Issues

Upcoming Webinars

Join upcoming live webinars and ask questions to panelists! All registrants also get a recording of the webinar.

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Other webinars coming soon

Recordings of Past Webinars

Produced by FTRN, recordings of the audio and visual content of past webinars are available as Windows Media files. Recordings are FREE (except during the first month after the live webinar, when they cost $5). Recordings can easily be saved to computers (right click on the recording’s link to Save Link As), or burned to CDs (e.g. using Windows Media Player).

A separate news post for each webinar lists key insights from the webinar, at FTRN news on key issues.

Listed from most recent:

Webinar #127 - recorded October 3, 2013: What Are the Pros and Cons of Engaging Large Corporations in Fair Trade?, 50 min. ~ free at Webinar 127 recording

Webinar #126- recorded June 18, 2013: What Are the Effects of Different Messaging & Framing in Fair Trade?, 50 min. ~ free at Webinar 126 recording

Webinar #125 - recorded November 7, 2012: Fairtrade International USA Update with Harriet Lamb, 50 min. ~free at Webinar 125 recording

Webinar #124 - recorded September 12, 2012: Roles and Limitations of Voluntary Certification – An Overview of an International Assessment, 50 min. ~ free at Webinar 124 recording

Webinar #123 - recorded June 12, 2012: What is the State of Fair Trade & the Movement in N. America?, 50 min. ~ free at Webinar 123 recording

Webinar #122 - recorded May 7, 2012: How Should, or Shouldn’t, Fair Trade Be Applied to Producers in Developed Countries?, 50 min. ~ free at Webinar 122 recording

Webinar #121- recorded February 14, 2012: Should Hired Labor Plantations Be Included in Fair Trade? ~ free at Webinar 121 recording

Webinar #120 - recorded January 31,2012: Should Unorganized Farmers Be Included in Fair Trade?, 50 min. ~ free at Webinar 120 recording

Webinar #119 - recorded December 16,2011: A Community Discussion of What Fair Trade USA Leaving Fairtrade International (FLO) Means for Producers and Fair Trade-Part 3 with FLO, 50 min. ~ free at Webinar 119 recording

Webinar #118 - recorded November 1,2011: A Community Discussion of What Fair Trade USA Leaving Fairtrade International (FLO) Means for Producers and Fair Trade-Part 2 with a Producer Leader, 50 min. ~ free at Webinar 118 recording

Webinar #117 - recorded October 12, 2011: A Community Discussion of What Fair Trade USA Leaving Fairtrade International Means for Producers and Fair Trade-Part 1 with FTUSA, 50 min. ~ free at Webinar 117 recording

Webinar #116 - recorded September 21, 2011: How Strong Are Labor Rights in Fair Trade?, 50 min. ~ free at Webinar 116 recording.

Webinar #115 - recorded August 4, 2011: Assessing the Impacts of Fair Trade for Producers, 50 min. ~ free at Webinar 115 recording

Webinar #108 - recorded April 5, 2011: The State of Fair Trade, 55 min.~ free at Webinar 108 recording

Webinar #106 - recorded February 28, 2011: Minimum Fair Trade Content Standards for Multi-ingredient Products, 50 min. ~ Free at Webinar 106 recording

Webinar #105 - recorded February 9, 2011: A Community Discussion of TransFair’s Name Change to Fair Trade USA, and Pending Service Mark Application, 50 min. ~ Free at Webinar 105 recording

Webinar #104 - recorded December 16, 2010: Producer and Brandholders Compare “Fair for Life” and “Fair Trade Certified”, 1.5 hours ~ Free at Webinar 104 recording

Webinar #103 - recorded December 6, 2010: Comparing “Fair Trade Certified” and “Fair for Life”: Label Use, System Governance and Benefits to Producers, 1.5 hours ~ Free at Webinar 103 recording

Power Point show

Use or customize the only free Power Point show available on an overview of Fair Trade in N. America.

Overview of Fair Trade in North America

Download FREE Power Point file by clicking here

Updated September 2013 - Power Point presentation of an introduction to Fair Trade in N. America. The file is free to download and view. 37 slides are shown in a 7-minute show, free to open as Read-Only file, size 8.8 MB. Get a copy of the booklet, or PDF file, to access the password (at the bottom the Table of Contents) to edit and copy the Power Point file. Please attribute proper credit to FTRN and others if you create a new file.

Download show as PDF file

Other Publications



NOW HALF PRICE: $7.50 for Large size, plus 1 FREE for each World Fair Trade Day event organizer!

Fair Trade Certified shirt produced by Fair Trade Apparel in Bangladesh.

Front of shirt has “do you Trade Fair?” printed vertically from bottom to top.

Back of shirt has the following text printed: Trading Fair / helps the people who grow our / food and produce our goods build / secure and rewarding lives. /

Order from FTRN

Handout Sheets

Download and copy these FREE 1-4 page handouts:

What is Fair Trade? | History of Fair Trade

Identifying Fair Trade Products

Free Trade Is Not Fair Trade | Producer Stories

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade

How to Get More Involved in Fair Trade

Event Planning

Free Event Planning Guide

Full of Fair Trade activity ideas, a checklist for organizing an event, and resources to use at your event.

Tips for hosting fashion shows, speeches, food and drink tastings, film showings, sports games, neighborhood crawls, spa nights and more!

Download Event Planning Guide

Photo Exhibit

From One Farmer to Another: Postcards in Solidarity (Indian Tea Growers & Guatemalan Coffee Growers)Produced by FTRN, photography & design by Ida Benedetto ~ 28-piece mounted exhibit ~ For stores, conferences, schools, faith communities, libraries, restaurants, town halls, etc. ~ $150 rental fee / plus shipping

FTRN says: “Focused on Indian tea growers and Guatemalan coffee growers, this exhibit brings viewers images and handwritten postcards that illustrate daily life, common struggles, and shared hope that fair trade brought to these communities. Learn how these communities put violent struggles behind them and now utilize fair trade business relationships as the means by which they fight for justice in their lives. These two distinct communities, who speak different languages, live on different continents, and practice different religions, have more in common than they ever imagined..”

Summary/review: This exhibit will help viewers:

  • Understand how Fair Trade relationships enhance the quality of life for producers, their families and communities, and how women realize a disproportionate benefit.
  • Interact with a global community taking action to ease inequalities wrought by traditional trade structures.
  • Observe a rare exchange between Fair Trade producers on different continents.

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