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Identifying Fair Trade Products

Fair Trade Resource Network closed down in May 2014. The website at, and its contents, were left available to the public through Fall 2014. At that time, Fair Trade Federation takes ownership and control of the website and its contents.


Fair Trade is not regulated by a single authority, and anyone can claim their organization or products are Fair Trade. So, Fair Trade advocates usually look for an independent, third-party recognition in the form of product certifications, or organization/brand approvals. FTRN identifies Fair Trade through the N. America market’s most accepted recognitions, all listed below.

There are tens of thousands of online sites and retail outlets in North America where consumers can buy Fair Trade products. Below are sites to find lists of Fair Trade businesses and other retail locations selling certified Fair Trade goods online or in stores. Since Fair Trade standards vary, educate yourself about the practices included in Fair Trade certifications, products and vendors. Whenever possible, seek out companies that are 100% dedicated to producing Fair Trade products.

    Find Fair Trade Organizations: Fair Trade Federationftflogo.jpg

FTF’s site allows you to find fully-committed Fair Trade companies throughout North America. Using this online database, find fair trade retailers near you, buy wholesale, or shop online with any of their 300 listed online stores. You can also search for a specific type of product or for products from a specific country. Fair Trade Federation members have undergone a rigorous screening process to ensure that they adhere to the principles of Fair Trade in all of their business decisions.

    Find Fair Trade Organizations: World Fair Trade Organizationwfto-logo

Find fully-committed Fair Trade companies around the world. Find products by region, country, product type, and company name on this site.

    Find Major Retail Outlets & Brands of Fair Trade Certified Products: Fair Trade USA

There are over 3,500 retailers that carry Fair Trade Certified products across North America – from neighborhood supermarkets to cafes. Use this site to find the brands or stores by product type, state or partner type.

    Find Brands of Certified “Fair For Life Social & Fairtrade Certified” Products: Institute for Marketecology

There are many retailers that carry “Fair for Life” certified products across North America. Use this site to find the brands you can find in stores, order online, or ask retail outlets to carry.

    Find Retail Outlets of FAIRTRADE Certified products: Fairtrade America & Fairtrade Canada

Find FAIRTRADE certified products around the U.S.

Find FAIRTRADE certified products around Canada using an online finder. Search retail outlets by product type, and address or town on this site.

Less widely seen or accepted recognitions that FTRN considers as Fair Trade include:

  1. IBD EcoSocial
  2. GoodWeave certification
  3. FairWild certification
  4. Small Producers Symbol (CLAC)
  5. Ecocert EFT (Canada)