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World Fair Trade Day WANTS You!


New offer:  Get a FREE dancing girl pin (Fair Trade from Kenya) by being one of the first 500 organizers to register an event on our Events calendar!

Please join us in celebrating World Fair Trade Day 2009 and help us set the record straight!  Everything is better when it’s fair.  On & around Saturday, May 9, you can join hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S. and in over 80 countries to promote Fair Trade and campaign for trade justice together with farmers and artisans around the world .

In the U.S., we’re doing our part by setting the record straight. Please join workplaces, churches, synagogues, schools, businesses & neighbors as we help break last year’s World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break.

Fair Trade supporters around the country will take a break and enjoy a cup of Fair Trade coffee, a bar of Fair Trade chocolate, bake a cake using Fair Trade sugar, join in a drum circle with Fair Trade musical instruments or participate in a game of soccer using Fair Trade soccer balls.  Be creative!

The Fair Trade Resource Network offers these great resources to make it fun and easy for you to participate:

  1. visit our Events calendar
  2. order free materials from our WFTD Toolkit
  3. organize with the Fair Trade Break Action Guide
  4. join the effort to reclaim the World’s Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break
  5. learn more about Fair Trade

Click on World Fair Trade Day for more background details & resources.

FTRN seeking Executive Director

- www.ftrn.org

The Fair Trade Resource Network is seeking a full-time executive director to conceptualize, energize, secure support for and carry out Fair Trade education campaigns in the U.S. and abroad. Salary, benefits and office location are negotiable.

The FTRN Executive Director is responsible for all aspects of leading a small non-profit organization devoted to advancing fair trade. S/he will envision, fundraise, plan, manage and promote all of the organizations programs. S/he reports directly to the FTRN Board Chairperson and will work closely with an active board of directors. For a full job description, click here.

DEVELOPMENT: Peace Baskets Bring Hope to Rwandan Women

- www.ipsnews.net

KIGALI, Aug 31 (IPS) - In the courtyard of a red brick home in the district of Gitarama outside Kigali, three women sit together on a bench, laughing and gossiping as they wrap lengths of crimson twine around a curl of bunched straw. While it may seem like little more then Rwandan tradition, these weavers represent an economic success the tiny landlocked country has earned by the hands of its women.  (more…)

Making the world a better place one purchase at a time - Green movement collides with fair trade products

- www.southtownstar.com

Customer Nancy Mast, of Frankfort, registers with Thoughtful World Shop, a business owned by Colleen Laino (right) that sells fair-trade merchandise online, at home parties and at farmers markets.Colleen Laino spends her weekends outdoors peddling baskets, jewelry and reusable totes crafted by artisans in Third World countries.

Though she started the Thoughtful World Shop as an online business, Laino sells her wares at farmers markets in Frankfort and Tinley Park to raise awareness about the growing fair trade movement. (more…)

With fair trade, we all come out winners

- www.suntimes.com

You’ve probably seen the fair-trade labels on products like coffee, tea, chocolate, and on some clothes and crafts.

Now a campaign is under way to make all Chicago a fair-trade city. Organizers with Chicago Fair Trade are calling on the City Council to pass a resolution in support of fair trade and to encourage city departments to buy fair-trade goods. (more…)

Microfinance: Investments With a Social Return

- www.prnewswire.co.uk

The 32nd Annual General Meeting of Oikocredit - one of the leading financiers of microfinance worldwide - decided to pay a dividend of 2% to its members for the 15th year in a row. This may come as a surprise, considering the higher returns some new microfinance funds are promising. (more…)

A hot cup of socio-global awareness

- Tri-City Herald

A sweet, fruity aroma with full body and notes of flower and chocolate will greet the palates of visitors to Barracuda Coffee Co. in Richland this afternoon.

Cups of the Rwandan certified fair trade coffee from Doma Coffee Roasting Co., will be available to customers for free from 1 to 6 p.m. to celebrate Fair Trade Coffee Break, part of World Fair Trade Day today.

“We’re going to find the best coffee we can. If it’s fair trade, we’ll buy it, even if it costs a little more,” said Bill Pogue, Barracuda’s owner. (more…)

True Blue Coffee Roasters Celebrates World Fair Trade Day With 15% Off Every Coffee

- Open PR

True Blue Coffee Roasters, the Old Fields, West Virginia, Organic Fair Trade coffee roaster, announced today a coupon for 15% off its entire line of coffee to bring awareness to World Fair Trade Day, Saturday, May 10, 2008.

As part of True Blue’s World Fair Trade Day celebration, for 3 days beginning Thursday, May 8, 2008, online customers can save 15% off every order of True Blue’s Organic Fair Trade coffee by using the special coupon code: fairtradeday. (more…)

Fair trade denotes decent wages and working conditions

- Newhouse News Service

Coffee beans at Starbucks, bananas at the grocery store, beaded jewelry at a local gift shop. The “fair trade” logo seems to be popping up all over.

And while you might like the sound of it who doesn’t want to play fair? do you know what the term really represents?



- New Zealand Press Association

Auckland, Oct 17 NZPA - Even with money blowing away from their guitar cases, Evermore felt much happier about their second attempt at busking than their first.

Back from their Sydney base for the New Zealand Music Awards tomorrow night, the Feilding brothers played four songs in front of about 250 people in Auckland’s Queen Elizabeth Square to help the Oxjam campaign for fair trade with developing nations. (more…)