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FT Banana Producers Call for Increase in Minimum Price

The price of Fair Trade bananas may increase in the near future, easing some of the heightened stress put on Farmers as the cost of production has been steadily on the rise, while the minimum sale price has not been reviewed since 2005.  Fair Trade producer organizations from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean held a two-day meeting in Santa Maria, Colombia.  This meeting concluded with the signed Declaration of Santa Maria, which called for an increase in the minimum price paid for Fair Trade bananas.  This declaration has been sent to a standard committee, which will make recommendations to the Fairtrade Labeling Organization’s Board at the end of August.  A September meeting between producers, importers, exporters, retailers, Fairtrade National Initiatives and the FLO will determine the new prices for Fair Trade bananas.  Find more details at Dominican News Online.


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