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Fair Trade Wedding Lists: A site with a difference that makes a difference


In the years spent working for big business and travelling the globe, the owners of Fairgift saw an increasing need to reward manufacturers fairly whilst providing the wedding market with an alternative to the mainstream list services. In response to this, they set about to launch Fairgift, the first online Fair Trade Wedding List Site.

The site, www.fairtradegiftlist.co.uk, allows people to create a wedding list that is 100% Fair Trade whilst ensuring that the producers are paid a fair price for their goods. Created by Forward Slash Media (www.forwardslashmedia.co.uk), the site allows lists to be made for any occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings and then allows friends and family to purchase from the owner’s list.

Whilst the owners of Fairgift are passionate about Fair Trade, they felt it was important that users saw the quality of the products on offer, an objective that has been achieved with praise from customers who feel that it was nice to “choose something that not only meant so much to us but that helps the communities that make the products.”

Brain Walmsley, Director of Fairgift, commented on his relationship with Web Agency Forward Slash Media

“Forward Slash Media is a remarkable team that have redefined what it means to “go the extra mile” to launch www.fairgift.co.uk and then continue to build on that success. If you’re looking for an execution-only or group of Yes-people, they are not the agency for you. They took the time to understand the business model & challenge it extensively and then to drive it forward through outstanding efforts on web design & site build, together with vital SEO work.”

Peter Swain, Managing Director of Forward Slash Media commented that:

“From the moment we met the Fairgift team, we knew that we were dealing with a group of people passionate not only about their own profit and loss, but that of some of the world’s poorest manufacturers.”

He continues:

“We are confident that the quality of the site produced, combined with the quality of the products and Fairgift’s approach to customer satisfaction is a winning combination. We look forward to working with them for years to come.”

With over 600 products lines Fairgift is going from strength to strength. New lists are being created everyday, highlighting the demand for Fair Trade products.

Editor’s Notes:

For more information see: www.fairtradegiftlist.co.uk or www.forwardslashmedia.co.uk

About Fairgift Wedding Lists:

Fairgift is a unique source of many of the most beautiful, original, fair trade products in the world.

Fairgift works with artisans, expert producers & like-minded organisations across the world, to bring its customers hundreds of ethically-sourced household items across dozens of categories: predominantly handmade in small quantities so your gift is highly original. And because the items are made by skilled artisans who have a real stake in what they are doing, it is also a way to ensure superior quality.

Fair trade is a way to help reduce poverty every time we shop. It is practical action towards building a better world.

About Forward Slash Media:

Forward Slash Media is a Bristol Based Web Design Agency who specialise in accessible web design and development. The company’s Managing Director, Peter Swain, has been helping clients achieve success on the web since 1994 and has published articles on a list of subjects ranging from brand integration to online takeovers.

Business Contact:

Peter Swain, Managing Director
Forward Slash Media
27 Queen Square
Bristol, BS1 4ND
Tel: 0845 838 1931
Email: peter@forwardslashmedia.co.uk


  1. Randolf Collantes

    i am right now doing an undergraduate thesis on fair trade using the philosophy of john rawls. can anybody help me to expand more my thesis and help me with other resources? like all of you, i am also a Pro Fair trade!

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