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Daily Archives: February 13, 2008

A ‘Fair Trade’ Approach to Licensed College Gear

- The New York Times

One day seven or eight years ago in Bangkok, Joe Falcone began to feel an uncomfortable sensation of futility. The grandson of garment workers, he had been working in Asia’s clothing factories for nearly a decade, making certain they complied with labor and environmental laws. The idea was to assure American consumers their apparel and shoes were not made in sweatshops.

But, as Mr. Falcone recalled in a recent interview, he had come to wonder if the laws were strong enough. (more…)

A Better World Blooming: Fair Trade Certified(TM) Flowers Now Available in U.S.


TransFair USA, the only independent, third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States, is now offering Fair Trade Certified(TM) flowers to the U.S. market. The flowers are available to consumers in time for Valentine’s Day.

While many people believe cut roses and flowers are grown locally, most commercially available flowers are grown in the developing world. Adding a Fair Trade Certified label to these flowers guarantees that flower workers in developing countries, the majority of whom are women, receive fair wages; protective gear; training on safe handling of agrochemicals; education and child care; and paid vacation, maternity and sick leave. Growers also receive a premium of approximately 10 percent on each sale to invest in community and business development projects. (more…)

A Greener, Sweeter Valentine’s Day

- The Huffington Post

Is Valentine’s Day a beautiful celebration of love, commitment and denial?

Dating back hundreds of years, the origins of Valentine’s Day-and its patron saint-have long been shrouded in mystery. Though little is known about St. Valentine or Valentinus, one thing is certain: Valentine’s Day is not so sweet. (more…)

UW students still working toward fair trade

- The Daily of University of Washington

The third floor of Parrington Hall was transformed Saturday into a forum where speakers, scholars, activists, corporate representatives and community members sat down to discuss the challenges in implementing fair trade. The two-day conference was sponsored by the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs and more than 20 speakers and six sessions on a variety of topics.

Freshman Lauren Currin attended the forum “After the WTO: Fair Trade Organizing in the Pacific Northwest” to hear speakers discuss local grassroots movements. She became interested in fair trade practices after taking an introduction to globalization course. (more…)

True Blue Coffee Roasters Announces The Addition Of 2 New Special Coffee Blends


True Blue Coffee Roasters, a 100% Fair Trade coffee roaster located in Old Fields, WV, announced today the addition of two new gourmet Organic Fair Trade coffee blends to their extensive offerings, Ma Sue’s House Blend and Edith Mae’s Sunshine Blend.

“We have been working on these new blends for sometime now,” Rob Luzader, roastmaster and blender said. “Our customers continuously comment on how much they love our blended coffees, and we felt the time was right to add to our repertoire.” (more…)

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