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America’s Only Fair Trade Town: Media, PA

There are 300-plus designated Fair Trade towns in Europe that all work to not only support fair wages but also to reduce their ecological impact. This is what inspired the town of Media, Pennsylvania to anoint itself as the first “Fair Trade town” in the United States. Located just outside of Philadelphia with a population of about 6,000, this means that the community has thoughtful and inspired consumers and retailers who want to use their buying power to improve the lives of others. To become a Fair Trade town, Media used five criteria, established by the British & European Fair Trade movements: 1) The Media Borough Council passed a resolution supporting Fair Trade, and committing to serve Fair Trade coffee and tea at its functions. 2) A range of Fair Trade products are readily available in Media’s shops and restaurants. 3) Fair Trade products are used by a number of local work places (such as law offices) and community organizations (such as churches). 4) Media coverage is provided and there is popular support for the campaign. 5) A local Fair Trade steering group from a diverse representation of institutions is working to ensure continued commitment to Fair Trade Town status.


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