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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Letter to the Editor: Fairtrade Audits Do Detect Sales of Non-Certified Coffee

- The Financial Times

Sir, The Fairtrade system takes very seriously the issues raised in Hal
Weitzman’s article “Bitter cost of ‘fair trade’ coffee” (September 9). Our
core aim is to enable poor farmers to move incrementally towards sustainable
development. This vision underpins the way Fairtrade works which is why the
public can be confident in the integrity of the certification system behind
the Fairtrade Mark. (more…)

“Ethical-Coffee” Workers Paid Below Legal Minimum

- The Financial Times

“Ethical” coffee is being produced in Peru, the world’s top exporter of
Fairtrade coffee, by labourers paid less than the legal minimum wage.

Industry insiders have also told the Financial Times of non-certified coffee
being marked and exported as Fairtrade, and of certified coffee being
illegally planted in areas of protected rainforest. (more…)