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Equal Exchange: FT & Enviro

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Below is an exert taken from an Equal Exchange article about the work they are doing.

Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange Coffee: Building a Healthier, Greener Food System

Equal Exchange partners with small-scale farmer co-operatives that work to protect the environment through sustainable and organic agriculture. Our earth-friendly approach to farming has many benefits over conventional practices - benefits such as reduced soil erosion, greater soil fertility and a safer working environment for farmers. Over 90% of Equal Exchange coffees (by volume) are certified organic. The majority of these organic Arabica coffees are shade grown, which means a cooler planet through the protection of forests.

Because Equal Exchange is committed to building long-term relationships with our farmer partners, the co-ops can rely on the extra Fair Trade income and are able to invest in initiatives to further protect the environment: terracing, composting, water conservation, manual weeding and crop diversification. They’re also able to invest in health programs, social services and educational programs - creating healthier people and a healthier planet.

Another way Equal Exchange is greening the planet is by awarding Small Farmer Funds. In 2007, a Small Farmer Fund supported a reforestation project by a Nicaraguan coffee partner co-op, Tierra Nueva. Equal Exchange staff visited Tierra Nueva in January 2008 to see the progress being made. To date, 100,000 coffee trees have been planted, nurseries have been established to grow seedlings, 5,000 citrus trees have been planted, and 16 fuel-efficient stoves have been constructed and are in use. “When we started as a co-operative, we had the intention of creating a system of production that complemented nature,” said project manager Ariel Escobar. “Over the past decade, we have promoted the protection of the environment. The producers in this co-operative have understood the importance of assisting nature and planting additional trees on each farm.”

And the difference is visible. “Look how green it is here. Wherever you look and see green, lush farms - those belong to members of the co-operative,” said Maria Theresa Mendoza Martinez, who lives in Filas Verde.

By making sustainable farming a priority, Equal Exchange is able to provide the best tasting coffees from small-scale farmers while also building a greener, healthier food system. Learn more about our coffees and green initiatives here.

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