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Fair Trade Towns USA News

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In this section, learn the latest news from Fair Trade Towns and Communities around the USA. This is the official news source for Fair Trade Towns USA — visit to learn more.

Media and Music for a Better World: Festival Promotes Third World Arts

- The Boston Globe

LOWELL - During the days when Boston reggae fans knew her by her radio personality alter ego “Iriela,” deejay Valerie Parker said she grew so inspired by the “unifying, uplifting” spirit of the music that she traveled to Jamaica to begin documenting its evolution in her film “Reggae Revolution” in 1998.  Her experiences in rural, urban, and ghetto communities exposed her to economic disparities and inequities that she continues to combat today as executive director (more…)

Local Fair Trade Organizer Moves on to National Job

- Brattleboro Reformer

BRATTLEBORO — The woman behind the fair trade resolution that was recently approved by the Brattleboro Selectboard is using her experience to help other communities around the country develop their own fair trade policies. Sara Stender, a School of International Training student and a Stratford native, accepted a job last week as National Fair Trade Town and Community Coordinator.The job is part time and funding for the position is coming from three non-governmental organizations, said David Funkhouser. Oxfam, Transfair USA and Lutheran World Relief have provided seed money for the position, which they hope will eventually become self-funding. (more…)

Milwaukee Seeks To Be Fair Trade City


Milwaukee may become the first “fair trade city” in the United States.Hundreds of cities and towns in Europe have signed on to the effort to promote fair trade of everything from coffee and chocolate to baby food.

The goal is to encourage people to steer clear of products from sweatshops. (more…)

Fair Trade Towns Emerging in the US

- Green Options

The small town of Brattleboro, Vermont recently announced that it has met the criteria to declare itself a Fair Trade Town. Brattleboro is the second Fair Trade Town in the United States and the third in North America after Woflville, Nova Scotia became the second in April and Media, Pensylvania led the way in January. (more…)

Town Now Fair, Board Approves Fair Trade Motion

- Brattleboro Reformer

BRATTLEBORO — And then there were two. In a 3-2 vote, the Selectboard approved a resolution that makes Brattleboro the second fair trade town in the United States, second only to Media, Pa.

“This is very exciting,” said Kate Amanna. “We hope this can turn into something more.”

Amanna was one of three representatives from the Fair Trade Steering committee that presented their case to the Selectboard at Tuesday’s meeting. (more…)


- Daily Post (Liverpool)

WREXHAM will play its part in a world record attempt this weekend when the town hosts a fair trade picnic.

The aim is to have more than 8,000 people enjoying a picnic across Wales this Saturday which would break the world record set in Tenerife, Spain, in 1999. (more…)

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Recognizes 2007 Fair Trade Day

- Targeted News Service

LOS ANGELES, CA - Governor Bill Richardson today recognized the importance of fair trade at an event with the Service Employees International Union - Long Term Workers Local 6434.

“Our next President must shape an economy in which everyone has access to the American dream” said Governor Richardson. “Our next President must be able to make our economy work for all of our working families, protect our good paying jobs here at home, and take action on health care.” (more…)

America’s Only Fair Trade Town: Media, PA


There are 300-plus designated Fair Trade towns in Europe that all work to not only support fair wages but also to reduce their ecological impact. This is what inspired the town of Media, Pennsylvania to anoint itself as the first “Fair Trade town” in the United States. Located just outside of Philadelphia with a population of about 6,000, this means that the community has thoughtful and inspired consumers and retailers who want to use their buying power to improve the lives of others. To become a Fair Trade town, Media used five criteria, established by the British & European Fair Trade movements: 1) The Media Borough Council passed a resolution supporting Fair Trade, and committing to serve Fair Trade coffee and tea at its functions. 2) A range of Fair Trade products are readily available in Media’s shops and restaurants. 3) Fair Trade products are used by a number of local work places (such as law offices) and community organizations (such as churches). 4) Media coverage is provided and there is popular support for the campaign. 5) A local Fair Trade steering group from a diverse representation of institutions is working to ensure continued commitment to Fair Trade Town status.

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