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New Fair Trade Products/Projects

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Fair Trade is constantly growing and changing. Check this section for updates about new products and innovative projects to grow the market for Fair Trade.

Blackwell’s Organic Gelato Sources Fair Trade Ingredients


Blackwell’s Organic is the First and Only Frozen Dessert Company to Have At Least One Fair Trade Certified Ingredient in Every Flavor.

Blackwell’s Organic Gelato and Sorbetto has partnered with TransFair USA to exhibit within their booth #5463 at the 2008 Fancy Food Show in NYC. TransFair USA is the nation’s only independent, third-party certifier of Fair Trade Certified products and Blackwell’s Organic is the only frozen dessert company that has at least one Fair Trade Certified ingredient in every flavor. (more…)

BBMG Deepens Expertise In CSR And Fair Trade With New Hires

- The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire

BBMG, a branding and marketing firm dedicated to connecting socially responsible companies to the conscious consumer, today announced that it is deepening its expertise in corporate social responsibility and fair trade with the respective hires of brand strategists Eve Smith and Benita Singh to its New York office. BBMG also announced the addition of two staff support roles in New York. (more…)

eBay to unveil fair-trade marketplace

- CNET News

Catering to a rising tide of socially-conscious shoppers, eBay this summer plans to help publicly launch, a marketplace for buying fair-trade products, according to Robert Chatwani, eBay’s general manager of the project.

eBay, in partnership with a separate fair-trade company World of Good Inc., has already built a community site for people interested in goods that are made of recycled materials or produced by fairly treated workers, for example. But the two organizations plan to open a shopping site that will cater to these “social change consumers,” Chatwani said here Tuesday at the Dow Jones Environment Conference. (more…)

A Better World Blooming This Mother’s Day: Fair Trade Certified(TM) Flowers Bring Joy to Mothers in Both U.S. and Developing World

- Sun Herald

This Mother’s Day, Fair Trade Certified(TM) flowers will not only bring joy to U.S. moms, but will also provide benefits for pregnant women and working mothers on flower farms in developing countries.

TransFair USA, the only independent, third-party certifier of Fair Trade Certified products in the United States, offers Fair Trade Certified flowers to the U.S. market. The flowers are available to consumers in time for Mother’s Day.

Newly available this year, Fair Trade Certified flowers — available at,,, and Whole Foods Markets (under the Whole Trade Guarantee label) — show that sometimes gift items can benefit the producer as well as the recipient. (more…)

Make a green statement with your next bouquet

- The Seattle Times

Isn’t it about time cut flowers went back to their roots?

Natural and biodegradable, flowers were a “green” product before that concept even existed. But the growth of cut flowers in recent years into a $40 billion industry has relied heavily on chemical pesticides and fertili-zers, as well as far-flung global production.Now the green-living movement has finally reached the vase on your dining-room table. Eco-friendly and socially-responsible flowers are becoming more available, stimulated by blossoming consumer demand. (more…)

Ecuador Delivers Fair Trade Roses for Valentine’s Day


Just miles from the equator, rose farms have become a colorful focal point of Ecuador’s Andean countryside. With an elevation nearing 10,000 feet, the country’s proximity to the sun and cool nights provide perfect growing conditions for long, straight roses. Ecuador’s cut-flower industry supplies roughly one-third of America’s roses, but the industry is notorious for dangerous pesticides, poor labor practices and corrupt management.

Over the past 10 years, the fair trade model has transformed the coffee industry across much of Latin America. And while fair-trade-certified flowers have been available in Europe for more than a decade, consumer demand in the United States has not pushed flower growers to comply with fair labor practices or to produce a sustainable rose. But Michael Conroy, board chairman of TransFair USA, a fair-trade-certifying agency for the U.S., believes this is about to change. (more…)

Fair Trade Organization Receives eBay Grant for New Web Portal


SERRV International, a national fair trade organization headquartered in Madison, Wis., has been awarded a $53,500 grant from the eBay Foundation for a new website aimed at providing resources to low-income artisans and farmers in more than 30 countries around the world. (more…)

A Better World Blooming: Fair Trade Certified(TM) Flowers Now Available in U.S.


TransFair USA, the only independent, third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States, is now offering Fair Trade Certified(TM) flowers to the U.S. market. The flowers are available to consumers in time for Valentine’s Day.

While many people believe cut roses and flowers are grown locally, most commercially available flowers are grown in the developing world. Adding a Fair Trade Certified label to these flowers guarantees that flower workers in developing countries, the majority of whom are women, receive fair wages; protective gear; training on safe handling of agrochemicals; education and child care; and paid vacation, maternity and sick leave. Growers also receive a premium of approximately 10 percent on each sale to invest in community and business development projects. (more…)

True Blue Coffee Roasters Announces The Addition Of 2 New Special Coffee Blends


True Blue Coffee Roasters, a 100% Fair Trade coffee roaster located in Old Fields, WV, announced today the addition of two new gourmet Organic Fair Trade coffee blends to their extensive offerings, Ma Sue’s House Blend and Edith Mae’s Sunshine Blend.

“We have been working on these new blends for sometime now,” Rob Luzader, roastmaster and blender said. “Our customers continuously comment on how much they love our blended coffees, and we felt the time was right to add to our repertoire.” (more…)

Sam’s Club Now Supports Fair Trade Roses

- The Daily Green

Remember when you first heard the term “fair trade”?

It was probably at a boutique organic food store or maybe at a local gourmet coffee shop. Or maybe at a dinner party at the home of a local swell?

Well, in another example of how green is going mainstream, retailing giant Sam’s Club is now offering Fair Trade Certified roses to its members. (more…)

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