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Updates on key events involving the Fair Trade movement.

World Fair Trade Day Plans & Resources Announced for May 2014


Fair Trade Resource Network is delighted to announce plans and resources for World Fair Trade Day in N. America, with events taking place May 3-18, 2014. Download the free World Fair Trade Day Activities Guide for tips, ideas, and resources! You can also order WFTD promotional stickers and postcards, and Fair Trade products – free of charge – at

Across N. America, advocates are inspiring around 100,000 people to participate in Fair Trade events from May 3-18. Please join us in supporting the largest Fair Trade event in N. America each year. With over 1 million producers around the world already benefiting from Fair Trade, it’s time to raise our voices and vote with our dollars until all trade is fair! This year, individuals as well as organizations will host hundreds of events to celebrate Fair Trade.

We invite you to host WFTD events during May 3-18 - including Fair Trade festivals, fashion shows, speeches, food and drink tastings, film showings, sports games, neighborhood crawls, spa nights and concerts and much more - to promote Fair Trade and campaign for trade justice together with farmers and artisans around the world.

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Canada Fair Trade Movement Strengthens Its Organization at Annual Conference


The Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) continued its inspiring developments in organizing and collaborating across the country’s Fair Trade community. The 2014 CFTN National Conference brought over 100 people together for 3 days in January in Toronto. Attendees focused on: sharing business perspectives in fair trade; bringing together key advocates, business representatives, academics, students and certifiers from across the movement; conducting the CFTN Annual General Meeting and vision and strategy session; hosting a Fair Trade Expo with around 15 vendors; collaborating across Fair Trade Towns, Schools, and Campuses; and advocate skill building and community engagement.

FTRN strongly believes that the fragmented and under-resourced U.S. Fair Trade community would achieve a lot more if it were organized and collaborating like Canada’s movement.

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“Fair Tuesday” Initiative Inspires Ethical Holiday Shopping


#FairTuesday is an ethical shopping initiative created in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The goal of #FairTuesday is to inspire conscious consumerism. “Fair Tuesday” features Fair Trade and eco-friendly brands, and is inviting other businesses to take a step towards sustainability.

Whether you are an individual, organization, or a member of the press, you can join the #FairTuesday movement in two simple ways: by buying one fair trade item on Tuesday, December 3rd and by helping us spread the word about the movement on social media using hashtag #FairTuesday. If you represent a non-fair-trade business, tell us what you are doing to make your practices more green and fair.

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Fair Trade Certification Marks 25th Anniversary


In 1988 Frans van der Hoff, a Dutch missionary, along with a Dutch economist named Nico Roozen the development agency, Solidaridad, launched the Max Havelaar label, named after a fictional character who opposed the exploitation of coffee pickers in Indonesia. The label’s organization in the Netherlands went on to co-found the Fairtrade International system in 1997.

To mark Fairtrade’s jubilee, Max Havelaar Netherlands, has invited smallholders from across the world to ‘Max Havelaar Jubliee Conference: Smallholder Innovations’, a day-long event in Utrecht, Netherlands. At the event, farmers will share how they are changing their communities through Fairtrade and Peter d’Angremond, Executive Director of the Max Havelaar Foundation, will present the first-ever, carbon-neutral coffee to help coffee farmers combat climate change.

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Fair Trade Month 2013 Campaigns Raise Awareness


Scores of events around the U.S. reached thousands of people in October to raise awareness about Fair Trade. Plus, lots of social media outreach spread the word even further.

Fair Trade Resource Network partnered with Fairtrade America to host events at supermarkets, colleges and community gatherings.

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Canadian Fairtrade Awards Name 10 Winners


The second annual Canadian Fairtrade Awards will be presented to ten Canadian retail and food service businesses October 3rd in recognition of their ongoing commitment to Fair Trade. An independent panel of judges assessed nominees on a variety of criteria, including range of products offered; promotion, education and engagement; and vision, mission, and values. See the winners and more…

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“2013 Fair Trade Your Halloween” Campaign Resources Now Available


With cocoa and sugar being important and popular Fair Trade products, Halloween provides a special opportunity to support marginalized producers, educate kids and adults, and have fun! Check out the Action kit, daily reminders, Bingo game, and other resources at:

Global Exchange 2013 Fair Trade Your Halloween

Fair Trade Month 2013 Advocacy Resources Offered by Several Organizations & Campaigns


Every October in the U.S. is Fair Trade Month! The resources below can help you spread awareness of Fair Trade, attend an existing event, or host your own event.

Get free Fair Trade products

Use free educational materials

Be part of a national campaign

Gain publicity for your organization or store


Free Materials & Products Available for Fair Trade Month Celebrations


Fair Trade Resource Network and Fairtrade America invite the public to celebrate National Fair Trade Month this October, as we raise awareness and encourage more people to enjoy Fair Trade products in their daily lives. In doing so, we all support many families to have better living standards.  Fairtrade America and Fair Trade Resource Network are partnering to support and publicize events and activities throughout the month.  Please read below to find out about free product samples, educational materials and other support!

We encourage you to participate in any or all of the following ways:


A Top Regional Fair Trade Expo Set for Oct 12 in Cleveland


The Ohio Fair Trade Expo 2013 is arguably the best and biggest regional Fair Trade expo in the U.S. It will take place on Saturday, October 12, 2013 from 9:00am to 4:00pm at John Carroll University (Dolan Center for Science and Technology) in University Heights, Ohio.

The day includes: Keynote speakers; workshops on a variety of issues including sessions for beginners to experts; a Fair Trade Marketplace with 25+ vendors from across Ohio and the region; a program for Girl Scouts that includes hands-on activities; opportunities to learn about fair trade and the countries where fair trade products are developed.

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