is an information hub designed to grow the fair trade movement. together, we can create a market that values the people who make the food we eat and the goods we use.


Fair Trade Resource Network closed down in May 2014. The website at, and its contents, were left available to the public through Fall 2014. At that time, Fair Trade Federation takes ownership and control of the website and its contents.

Education and Discussion to Make Trade FairBasketweaver

Founded in 1999, the Fair Trade Resource Network (FTRN) seeks to build a more just and sustainable world by gathering, developing, and disseminating educational resources about Fair Trade. FTRN is the only non-profit organization in the world focused exclusively on Fair Trade education, helping people to better understand the impact of their buying decisions.

FTRN also works to create a space for dialogue and exchange within the Fair Trade movement. Whether through in-person meetings or online exchanges, FTRN propels the Fair Trade movement in the US through critical discourse and information sharing.


FTRN seeks to raise consumer awareness about improving people’s lives through Fair Trade alternatives by:

  • Gathering and compiling research and data about Fair Trade.
  • Providing information about Fair Trade to the public, the media and advocates.
  • Helping Fair Trade organizations and individuals become involved.
  • Creating a space for dialogue and exchange within the Fair Trade movement.

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