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6-Min. Video on Free Trade v. Fair Trade Produced by Fully Committed Fair Trade Organizations

In a 2014 video, 6 min. long, produced by Fair World Project, various senior representatives of dedicated Fair Trade brands and organizations explain how free trade has hurt marginalized producers, and how Fair Trade is a positive alternative.

More at FWP video


  1. HP

    Despite some good contributions by some capable people, the video itself is rubbish.

    Fair trade isn’t an alternative to free trade. It’s not even the same conversation.

  2. HP

    @Henry: Free trade refers to the rules and regulations of governments regarding trade across their borders.

    Fair trade, at least how it’s discussed in the videos and in every sense when it comes to “fair trade products”, refers to practices of specific companies.

    Trade by companies, whether fair or unfair, will be governed by the policies, free or fettered, of the countries involved.

    These are basic definitions. That the FWP knows so little about fair trade that they can’t make even that basic distinction is embarrassing.

  3. HP

    …and that they removed and reposted their video on YouTube to wash away a negative comment under it is just pathetic.

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