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Fairtrade’s Producer Networks Issue Statement Calling for Support on Climate Change

Producers participating in Fairtrade International’s (FLO) system are calling on world leaders and decision-makers to ensure the most vulnerable get the support and finance they desperately need to adapt to the growing impact of climate change on their farms and communities. In a statement on the eve of the UN Climate Conference (COP18) in Doha, FLO’s producer networks from Africa, Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean paint the troubling picture of the challenges they are facing.

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  1. Hi Dale,I am a Brit expat stay at home Dad ex-hippy living in Bavaria, Germany. My main focus down here at the momnet is growing my own food but I am getting into energy efficiency. Saw your article in the Sunday Times.I have slightly hippyish roots went on the hippy trail in Kathmandu and Manali and met my wife in Mongolia whilst staying in a ger or yurt there. I lived five years in the Arabian Gulf mapping coral reef habiats.Will you add me to your list of blogs? I’m going to check up this site regularly now I’ve found you!

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