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Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Campaign Launched to Influence UN MDGs


On 10 November, the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 Campaign was launched in Poznan, Poland at the 6th International Fair Trade Towns Conference, which was attended by many across the Fair Trade movement. The aims of the campaign are big – the creation of a just and equitable world. It will unite local leaders, civil society and the private sector in a call for fair and ethical trade rules so that they can be incorporated into the new development framework when the United Nations Millennium Development Goals expire in 2015.

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Nestle UK & Ireland to Double Its Commitment to Fairtrade in 2013


An additional 4500 cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast should benefit from FAIRTRADE premiums and the Nestlé Cocoa Plan. Nestlé UK & Ireland will double its commitment to FAIRTRADE from January 2013 by gaining certification of its 2-finger KIT KAT.

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Fairtrade’s Producer Networks Issue Statement Calling for Support on Climate Change


Producers participating in Fairtrade International’s (FLO) system are calling on world leaders and decision-makers to ensure the most vulnerable get the support and finance they desperately need to adapt to the growing impact of climate change on their farms and communities. In a statement on the eve of the UN Climate Conference (COP18) in Doha, FLO’s producer networks from Africa, Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean paint the troubling picture of the challenges they are facing.

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Trade Policy Advocates Campaign for Worker Rights & Job Creation in Massive TPP Free Trade Agreement


A campaign led by Citizens Trade Campaign asks for support:

“Last week, President Obama and other heads of state set a deadline of the coming year to complete their massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement.  Please urge your Senators to weigh in with the President now and demand that the TPP focus on workers’ rights and job creation rather than corporate profits.

If it continues on its current course, there is no question that the TPP will become a job killer.  Big corporations hope to use the TPP to undercut working conditions at home and abroad, furthering the global race to the bottom that enriches the few at the expense of the many.  TPP countries like Vietnam are being specifically marketed as low-cost labor alternatives to China, giving manufacturers and retailers alike improved access to exploited sweatshop workers who are paid only a fraction of what Chinese sweatshop workers are paid.

Senator Al Franken (D-MN) has drafted a letter to President Obama demanding that the TPP include enforceable obligations to protect fundamental labor rights and safeguard against investment and service sector rules that provide incentives for offshoring.  Please urge your Senators to sign onto Senator Franken’s TPP letter today.

The letter will delivered to the President at the end of the week — and will also be shared with negotiators from other countries during the 15th major round of TPP negotiations in New Zealand next week.  Together, we can prevent a NAFTA of the Pacific, but we must act now, while we still can.”

FTUSA Publishes Holiday Gift Guide


Fair Trade USA’s annual Holiday Gift Guide provides suggestions for Fair Trade Certified gifts.  Customers can also give a virtual Gift of Fairness and support Fair Trade USA’s work to strengthen farming communities.

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“Fair Tuesday” Initiative Launched


Fair Tuesday (hashtag #FairTuesday) is a Fair Trade initiative created in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The goal of #FairTuesday is to inspire conscious consumerism and show how an everyday purchase can change lives in a whole community. Fair Tuesday is featuring Fair Trade and eco-friendly brands, and is inviting other businesses to take a step towards sustainability.

The initiative is asking individuals, businesses and nonprofits to join the #FairTuesday movement in two simple ways: by buying one Fair Trade item on Tuesday, November 27th, and by helping spread the word about the movement on social media using hashtag #FairTuesday.

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Fairtrade International USA Announces Its First Staffer in the USA


Fairtrade International (FLO) announced Enrique Hennings as its interim Operations Manager for Fairtrade International USA, the new organization representing FLO’s system in the USA. Enrique will lead the process of establishing a new office, and work with stakeholders and businesses to build recognition of the FAIRTRADE Mark in the USA.  Based in Washington, DC, he will lay the groundwork for Fairtrade International USA – raising awareness among the public, working with companies, retailers and stakeholders.

Fairtrade International USA has registered as a non-profit organization, and is well on the way to appointing a Board, accountable to stakeholders, which will then recruit a permanent Executive Director.

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Fairtrade Canada Announces New Executive Director


Tom Smith became the Executive Director of Fairtrade Canada as of October 1, 2012.  Tom worked with co-operative producers throughout Latin America.  As Vice President, Food Division at Co-op Atlantic, Tom “lead the charge”  to develop direct relationships with fruit and vegetable producers in Central America, while also developing innovative policies to expand opportunities for local products from farmers across the Atlantic Region.  As CEO of Just Us! Coffee Roasters Coop, Tom was exposed to the true roots of Fair Trade by pioneers Jeff and Deb Moore.

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First Product Using Small Producers Symbol Enters U.S. Market


The first product label and certification created by small producers, Small Producers Symbol, launched its first product on the U.S. market in October 2012. Just Coffee Cooperative in Madison, Wisconsin, launched coffee from the Guatemalan small producer organization CCDA. More at Madtable article

In addition, the Small Producers Symbol announced several changes to its rules and regulations, standards for handcraft products, and a fifth certifier became authorized to certify products. More at Small Producers Symbol

Shrimp & Biodegradable Bags Become Available as Fair Trade Products


Institute for Marketecology (IMO) Fair for Life (FFL) certification program announced the first-ever animal aquaculture product certified under any Fair Trade system. Pacific white shrimps became available as FFL in August 2012, marketed by an Ecuadorian company.

Also, FFL certified biodegradable bags, made of tapioca starch, became available in June.

More at FFL press release.