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FLO Releases Annual Report for 2011-12

Fairtrade International (FLO), the dominant certifier of Fair Trade products worldwide, released its 2011-12 annual report. The report elaborates on producer impact stories, select FLO producer programs, sales by consumer country and by product type, FLO financials, and descriptions of governance & staff.

Some new highlights include:

  • North African producers launch new regional Fairtrade network, joining Fairtrade Africa governance
  • 47% of FLO budget spent on direct services for producers, up from 42% in 2010
  • Major new commitments from Mars and Puma, among others
  • Fairtrade Standards available for 300 raw products, 3x more than in 2006
  • 1400 producers asked for their input on standards in 2011 – almost half responded.
  • Fairtrade products are available to consumers in over 120 countries
  • Shoppers spent €4.9bn on Fairtrade products in 2011, 12% more than 2010

For more highlights and the full report, visit FLO post


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