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Canadian Fair Trade Network Nears Becoming Formal Organization

The Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) began as an initiative during the fall last year, and initial members first met at a preliminary meeting in Ottawa last January. On July 16 the network took its first steps to becoming an organization with its first official board meeting, comprising of members from provinces across the country. CFTN is a national network that is working towards building an infrastructure for Fair Trade advocacy in Canada.

The list of First Board of Directors for the CFTN:

  1. Kaan Williams (BC) University British Columbia | Fair Trade Vancouver
  2. Kelly James (AB) University of Calgary
  3. Nancy Allan (SK) Founding member of the North Saskatchewan Network | University of Saskatchewan
  4. Zack Gross (MB) Fair Trade Manitoba
  5. Bruce Morton (ON) Fair Trade Barrie
  6. Lia Walsh (ON) Fair Trade Ottawa Equitable | University of Ottawa
  7. Nadia Berger (ON) Fair Trade Toronto
  8. Eric St Pierre (QC) President of the Quebec Fair Trade Association | Fair Trade Photographer

The CFTN plans to hold its first Annual General Meeting at the start of 2013, where it will hold elections for a Board of Directors, launch memberships, begin strategic planning, and appoint an executive director.

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  1. Sounds like really good news.

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