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Group of Stakeholders Threaten to End Recognition of FTUSA as Fair Trade Certifier

A group of 38 stakeholders is threatening to stop considering Fair Trade USA (FTUSA), and its Fair Trade Certified product label, as a valid certifier and Fair Trade certification, unless significant changes are made to FTUSA’s practices. In an open letter to FTUSA, the signatories also invite other organizations to sign on.

The letter begins with “We, committed fair trade stakeholders, have been disappointed by the historic actions of Fair Trade USA (FTUSA), especially in recent months, to the point that we can no longer consider FTUSA a valid fair trade certifier and partner without significant changes to its practices. The undersigned have outlined the most important actions that contradict fair trade principles and what FTUSA can do by specific times, to gain credibility and support again in the Fair Trade movement and marketplace.”

The letter asks FTUSA to take 2 actions: propose a new governance structure and process by September 1 for public comment; immediately cease plans to open up coffee certification on large-scale operations.

More at Open Letter to FTUSA


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