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London Olympics Likely to Sell Many Fair Trade Products

By asking the catering industry to source Fairtrade certified products, the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games has set new standards for the catering industry for not just this iconic event but future major events – quite a legacy. Fairtrade bananas, tea, coffee and sugar are will probably be available at all Olympic venues.

The UK Fairtrade Foundation says an estimated 10 million Fairtrade bananas from the Windward Islands and South America will be eaten, 7.5 million cups of Fairtrade tea served, 14 million cups of coffee carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark drunk, and 10 million Fairtrade certified sachets of sugar grown by farmers in Belize consumed. This equates to an estimated Fairtrade premium of £100,000 that will be generated over the six week period of the Games.

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  1. Yeah! So proud to be a Brit at this time :)

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