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FLO Announces New Worker Rights Strategy

Fairtrade International (FLO) announced it has begun implementing its new approach to hired labor, approved in March. FLO states that “the new strategy will firmly place Fairtrade beyond a traditional CSR model based on standard-setting and auditing. It will guide us in helping workers become active participants in the decisions that impact their lives.”

FLO states it “believes collective bargaining through an independent trade union is the best way for workers to negotiate higher wages, benefits and better work conditions…” So, FLO “…will work to enable workers to organize and bargain on the terms of their employment if they choose.”“We will begin benchmarking living wage levels and provide a clear roadmap for employers to move towards paying their workers a wage that covers their basic needs… Fairtrade began addressing the problems faced by landless workers with the introduction of Fairtrade certified tea from plantations in 1994. Today 170 000 men and women are employed on Fairtrade certified plantations.”

More at FLO post


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