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N. America Fair Trade Stakeholder Council Forms to Clarify Direction of Fair Trade

With Fair Trade experiencing monumental change in the past few months, committed stakeholders in N. America have started a dialogue initiative to clarify the direction for the Fair Trade movement in N. America with the goal of upholding its benefits for marginalized producers around the world. The initiative, called the N. America Fair Trade Stakeholder Council, will begin with around 40-50 nonprofits, advocacy organizations, committed companies, producer/farmer/worker groups, academics and others, who will hold conference calls and email discussions over several months before attending an in-person summit April 30 – May 2, 2012. Fair Trade Resource Network (FTRN), Fair World Project (FWP), and Domestic Fair Trade Association (DFTA) comprise the Organizing Committee leading the initiative. At present, the Council seeks to advance these 4 goals:

  • Define fair trade and the movement, what they are and what they are not
  • Organize the North American fair trade movement under a coordinated infrastructure with a common vision
  • Reach agreement on a plan for cooperation and accountability within the movement
  • Develop a clear external message for the movement

As the Council gets more organized and more momentum, it intends to periodically share its major ideas & highlights with the public, and to occasionally invite public comment. In balancing efficiency with inclusiveness and transparency, the Council intends to maintain open, clear and transparent communication channels with stakeholders in other organizations, as well as other producer and consumer regions, to collaborate as much as possible.

Please follow updates at FTRN’s N. America Fair Trade Stakeholder Council page


  1. Chris D

    Thanks for posting this. Is this meant to be an open and transparent effort or closed to a list of undisclosed (as of yet) participants chosen by the initiating groups? No list of participants is apparent on the initiating groups’ sites, nor is there information about how interested stakeholders can engage. I hope these factors change as, ironically, it seems to be taking the much criticized FTUSA approach of having a small, hand-selected group develop a position then putting it our for feedback.

  2. Chris, your points are all right on! The effort is surely meant to be open and transparent. So, all 3 organizations in the Organizing Committee have posted a list of participants,and ways interested stakeholders can engage, at:

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