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FLO Publishes 2010 Sales Statistics; Global Fairtrade Sales Grow 27% to $5.8B

Fairtrade International (FLO), the product certification system associated with around 90% of all Fair Trade products sold annually around the world, released its 2010 data for sales by consumer country and by product sector. While globally sales grew over 2009 by a strong 27% to $5.8 billion, U.S. sales grew 5% to $1.3 billion, and Canada sales grew 6% to $330 million. The largest consumer country remained the UK, with sales growing to $1.8 billion (up 40%). The biggest growth was reported in the Czech Republic (386%), South Africa (315%), and Australia/New Zealand (258%).

FLO also reports sales volumes by product type. Of the high-volume products in FLO’s sytem, global sales of sugar and cocoa grew strongest in 2010, up 41% and 153% respectively. Coffee, the highest volume product, grew 19%. Sales of wine, sports balls, and quinoa each more than doubled. Sales of fruit juice, herbs & spices, bananas and fresh fruit declined.

See FLO news post and more data in the PDF report


  1. I was recently asked “Isn’t fair trade just a trend like everything else?” – my response – “yes, just like computers in the ’60s – it’s here to stay.”

    Thanks for the great material to have on hand – and the support of knowing we’re in this movement together for the long haul!

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