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Some Insights Into What FTUSA Leaving FLO Means for Producers & the Movement – According to a Producer Leader


On November 1, FTRN produced Webinar 118: A Community Discussion of What FTUSA Leaving FLO Means for Producers and the Movement-Part 2 with a Producer Leader.  The panelist was Jerónimo Pruijn van Engelen, Executive Director of FUNDEPPO/Small Producers´ Symbol, and CLAC Delegate to Fairtrade International’s Standards Committee (CLAC-Latin American and Caribbean Network of Small Fair Trade Producers owns FUNDEPPO, which is managed independently from CLAC), and moderator was Jeff Goldman, Executive Director of Fair Trade Resource Network. Part 3 with FLO, and Part 4 with both FTUSA and FLO, are expected as webinars in coming weeks. You can download the 50-min recording of webinar 118, or register for upcoming webinars, at FTRN webinars.

Some of the speakers’ main points from the webinar include comments below. (more…)

FLO Publishes 2010 Sales Statistics; Global Fairtrade Sales Grow 27% to $5.8B


Fairtrade International (FLO), the product certification system associated with around 90% of all Fair Trade products sold annually around the world, released its 2010 data for sales by consumer country and by product sector. While globally sales grew over 2009 by a strong 27% to $5.8 billion, U.S. sales grew 5% to $1.3 billion, and Canada sales grew 6% to $330 million. The largest consumer country remained the UK, with sales growing to $1.8 billion (up 40%). The biggest growth was reported in the Czech Republic (386%), South Africa (315%), and Australia/New Zealand (258%).

FLO also reports sales volumes by product type. Of the high-volume products in FLO’s sytem, global sales of sugar and cocoa grew strongest in 2010, up 41% and 153% respectively. Coffee, the highest volume product, grew 19%. Sales of wine, sports balls, and quinoa each more than doubled. Sales of fruit juice, herbs & spices, bananas and fresh fruit declined.

See FLO news post and more data in the PDF report

FTF Welcomes 4 Members, Calls for Speakers to May Conference


Fair Trade Federation (FTF) approved in recent months the following 4 businesses as fully committed Fair Trade Organizations:

Connected Goods


Africa Schools of Kenya

Earth Lover

Also, FTF is calling for speakers for its 2012 annual conference, May 21-23 in Bellevue, WA. FTF seeks proposals for conference sessions that will speak to the needs and interests of FTF members and others involved in fair trade.   Click here for more information about the conference and to download the speaker proposal. Submit proposals to by December 1.

Holiday Gift Guides Showcase Fair Trade


Fair Trade Federation (FTF) and Fair Trade USA (FTUSA) have published Holiday Guides to shop Fair Trade for your friends and family. All of the gifts in the FTF guide are sold by fully committed Fair Trade Organizations – members of the Fair Trade Federation. The gifts in the FTUSA guide are all Fair Trade Certified products sold by brands participating in FTUSA’s system.

FTF Holiday Guide

FTUSA Holiday Guide

Mankato Becomes 1st Fair Trade Town in Minnesota, 25th in US


In October, Mankato Area Fair Trade Town Initiative achieved Fair Trade Town status for the area of around 50,000 residents. Thus, Mankato, 83 miles southwest of the Twin Cities, became the first Fair Trade Town in Minnesota, and 25th in the US.

More at Mankato Fair Trade Town

Individual Membership Program for Fair Trade Advocates Launched


Fair Trade Resource Network welcomes any individual to join FTRN’s Fair Trade Society, the only membership program in North America in an inclusive, national nonprofit solely devoted to Fair Trade!

Members partner with FTRN and each other to:

  • Develop a home for individuals to collaborate & organize their voices
  • Educate ourselves and others further about Fair Trade
  • Facilitate and engage in dialogue within the Fair Trade movement
  • Give input into FTRN’s programs

Become a Member of FTRN’s Fair Trade Society


Booklet & Free Power Point Overview of Fair Trade Now Updated

The only nationally available Power Point show about an overview of Fair Trade in North America has now been revised, for the first time since March 2011. Thousands of people have downloaded this free resource produced by FTRN. The affiliated booklet has been revised for the first time in 1.5 years, and is now available for $3.95 retail, or $2 bulk or wholesale. Over 65,000 copies have been distributed of this definitive introductory booklet.

Download FREE Power Point file

Order print copies of the booklet

Stakeholder Debate Blossoms as Fair Trade Enters Time of Monumental Change


The Fair Trade movement seems to have entered a once in 25-year time of tremendous change. As the dominant certification system experiences its first major split since its founding in 1988, producers, businesses, and other advocates debate the direction of Fair Trade, differences between Fair Trade USA and Fairtrade International, and the very essence of Fair Trade. Some of the best online comments to date include: (more…)