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Monthly Archives: October 2011

New “Fair Trade Certified” Mark Announced


Fair Trade USA (FTUSA) has announced that the dominant label on U.S. and Canada products certified as Fair Trade will change to the one pictured at left. Both the new label, as well as the outgoing “bucket boy” one, will appear on products sold in N. America in 2012. The new “Fair Trade Certified” label, for the first time, can also be used on products sold in countries outside of N. America. So, the 3 widely recognized product labels in Fair Trade (Fair Trade Certified, FAIRTRADE, and Fair for Life) will now be seen in the U.S., Canada, and other countries.

Details at new Fair Trade Certified Label Launch

FTUSA Invites Public Comments on New Hired Labor Standards by Dec 30


In accord with Fair Trade USA’s (FTUSA) new strategy titled “Fair Trade for All”, which in part will begin allowing hired workers on plantations, estates and large farms to participate in the Fair Trade Certified system in a few more product categories (like coffee, cocoa and sugar), draft standards have been published. FTUSA is accepting public comments through December 30, 2011, and is publishing the final Hired Labor standards on February 15, 2012.

See the FTUSA draft Hired Labor standards and feedback process.

Producer Leader to be the Panelist on Webinar 118 About FTUSA-FLO Split


Fair Trade Resource Network (FTRN) announces the 2nd webinar in a series in October/November for the public to discuss implications and ask questions about the Fair Trade USA Split from Fairtrade International. A producer leader is the panelist on November 1, 1:00-1:50 pm eastern, with more details below.

Register for Webinar #118


Online Petition Asks Starbucks to Make Fair Trade Coffee Readily Available


A former Starbucks barista has organized an online petition, already signed by over 17,000 people, asking Starbucks to make Fair Trade coffee readily available in its U.S. stores. The petition states: (more…)

Producers Gain Equal Power in Fairtrade International’s Highest Decision Making Body


Fairtrade International (FI, formerly FLO), announced this week that its highest decision-making body, the General Assembly, will now have producers at equal voting power as consumer-country labeling initiatives. The voting power of producer networks significantly increased from 3 out of 24 votes, to 12 out of 24. (more…)

Some Insights Into What FTUSA Leaving FLO Means for Producers and the Movement-Part 1 with FTUSA


On October 12, FTRN produced Webinar 117: A Community Discussion of What FTUSA Leaving FLO Means for Producers and the Movement-Part 1 with FTUSA.  The panelist was Paul Rice, CEO of Fair Trade USA, and moderator was Jeff Goldman, Executive Director of Fair Trade Resource Network. Part 2 with FLO, and Part 3 with both FTUSA and FLO, are expected as webinars in coming weeks. You can download the 50-min recording of webinar 117, or register for upcoming webinars, at FTRN webinars.

Some of the speakers’ main points from the webinar include comments below. (more…)

USFT National Conference Planned for March 2-4 in Maryland


The Coordinating Committee of United Students for Fair Trade is happy to announce the date and location of the 2012 USFT National Conference…..

March 2-4, 2012 at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD.

What topics would you like to see covered? Please let us know at this link:

Also, if you are interested in presenting, please email Maria Louzon, one of our National Coordinators, at

Some Insights Into How Strong Are Labor Rights in Fair Trade


On September 21, FTRN produced Webinar 116: How Strong Are Labor Rights in Fair Trade?   The 3 panelists were Judy Gearhart, Executive Director, International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF);  Wil Flinterman, Senior Advisor - Workers Rights and Trade Union Relations, Fairtrade International (FI); Helen Nicolás, Certification Officer, Savid Dominicana (banana company in the Dominican Republic).  You can download the 50-min recording, or register for upcoming webinars, at FTRN webinars. The topic of labor rights has become even more critical since the webinar aired live, since Fair Trade USA has split from FI, in part due different visions of whether or not to include hired labor in Fair Trade coffee, cocoa and sugar production.

Some of the speakers’ main points from the webinar include comments below. (more…)

Oldest Fair Trade Organization Celebrates 65th Anniversary


Ten Thousand Villages, widely recognized as the oldest Fair Trade Organization in the world, is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. What started as Ms. Edna Ruth Byler selling needleworks made by artisans in Puerto Rico in 1946 has evolved to two separate organizations in the US, and Canada, owned by the Mennonite Central Committee. Both Villages organizations together now work with hundreds of artisans in over 35 countries, selling their crafts at around 100 stores in North America.

Ten Thousand Villages Canada is sharing the story with a scrapbook of old times, and a video, at:

Ten Thousand Villages Canada marks 65th anniversary

Healdsburg, CA, Becomes 24th Fair Trade Town in US


In September, Healdsburg became the 24th Fair Trade Town in the United States!  The Fair Trade Healdsburg campaign was established in April 2011 by a group of 10 dedicated volunteers. In just five short months the campaign accomplished all five of its goals and with unanimous support from our City Council, Healdsburg was officially declared the first Fair Trade Town in Sonoma County on Sept 8, 2011. (more…)