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FLO & FTUSA Further Clarify What Their Split Means for Stakeholders

Fairtrade International (FLO), and Fair Trade USA (FTUSA), have announced some details of what their split means for producers, businesses, advocates and other stakeholders in the months ahead. As FTUSA’s withdrawal from the FLO system takes effect December 31, 2011, stakeholders will see many changes. Some key changes already announced include:

US companies currently participating in FLO’s system can choose only FLO, only FTUSA, or both, to certify their products. If companies choose FLO, they will have to register anew directly with FLO, or a national labeling initiative, like Fairtrade Canada. US products will bear the FTUSA mark “Fair Trade Certified”, FLO’s “Fairtrade” mark, or both, depending on which certifier the US company chooses.

FTUSA intends to continue recognizing FLO certification as valid for its system of existing standards. However, new standards within FTUSA’s system will be certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

FLO intends to announce in October changes to its governance system that will strengthen the position of producers.

Further FLO details at FLO Q&A and CEO’s Open Letter.

Further FTUSA details at Fair Trade for All.

FTRN plans to hold 2 public webinars in late September and October to help Fair Trade advocates and the public process all the changes announced or anticipated by FTUSA withdrawing from FLO’s system.


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