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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Mars to Begin Participating in Fair Trade in 2012 in UK and Ireland


Global confectioner Mars announced with Fairtrade International that Mars will begin participating in Fair Trade. The first Mars product to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark will be MALTESERS®, to appear in stores in 2012 in the UK and
Ireland. The move to source some Fair Trade cocoa will contribute more than US$1 million annually in Fairtrade premium funds to producer groups in West Africa.

See full press release from Mars and Fairtrade International

Green Mountain Coffee Recognized as Largest Purchaser of Fair Trade Coffee in World


In 2010, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) purchased over 26 million pounds of “Fair Trade Certified” coffee,  making the company the largest purchaser of any Fair Trade products in the world. Around 25-35% of the company’s total coffee purchases in 2010 were Fair Trade, while 32% were in 2009. In prior years, Starbucks had been the largest purchaser of Fair Trade coffee, with around 1-3% of its annual coffee purchases as Fair Trade. (more…)

FTUSA Changes Policy for Labeling Multi-ingredient Products


Fair Trade USA (FTUSA) announced a new U.S. policy for “Multiple Ingredients Products” or “ingredients policy.” Their policy for using the “Fair Trade Certified” label on multi-ingredient products had been challenged in recent years. The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus recommended in June 2011 that FTUSA change its misleading labeling policy for body care products. See NAD story. (more…)

FLO & FTUSA Further Clarify What Their Split Means for Stakeholders


Fairtrade International (FLO), and Fair Trade USA (FTUSA), have announced some details of what their split means for producers, businesses, advocates and other stakeholders in the months ahead. As FTUSA’s withdrawal from the FLO system takes effect December 31, 2011, stakeholders will see many changes. (more…)

FUNDEPPO Invites Candidates for Small Producer Symbol Governance & Conference


The Foundation of Small Organized Producers (FUNDEPPO) welcomes candidates to apply for its decision-making bodies as it develops certification and plans for its Small Producer Symbol. FUNDEPPO, part of the Latin American & Caribbean Small Producers Network (CLAC), will vote on candidates for its Board of Directors, and Standards Committee, during a meeting in El Salvador on October 6-7, 2011. Other items are also on the agenda of the El Salvador meeting.

More information on applying for decision-making roles at FUNDEPPO call for candidates.

More information on attending the FUNDEPPO Meeting in El Salvador.

FTUSA to Leave FLO System


Fairtrade International (FLO) and Fair Trade USA (FTUSA) jointly announced today that FTUSA is resigning its membership in FLO, effective December 31, 2011. The joint statement said “…as we look to the future, we recognize that we have different perspectives on how best to achieve this common mission.” The dominant certifier in the US market, administering the “Fair Trade Certified” mark, has been a key member of FLO since FTUSA was founded as Transfair USA in 1998. FLO will have around 25 other country’s labeling initiatives stay as members, including Fairtrade Canada. (more…)

“Raise the Bar, Hershey” Campaign Increases Pressure on Company


“Raise the Bar, Hershey” campaign has a slew of exciting updates and numerous ways you can take action!

• New “real” CSR Report for Hershey
• Email Action to Hershey Executives
• Letter to the Editor Action

Yesterday the campaign released its second alternative corporate social responsibility report for Hershey - STILL Time to Raise the Bar: The REAL CSR report for The Hershey Company. The report highlights Hershey’s ongoing failure to trace its supply chain and stop child labor.  The campaign also calls out Hershey as the laggard in the industry—being the only major chocolate company that has failed to adopt ANY third party certifications for its cocoa. (more…)

Reverse Trick-or-Treat Campaign in 5th Year with 1000 Free Kits Now Available


This Halloween, you can help end the exploitation of adults and children working in the cocoa industry and raise awareness of Fair Trade! Trick-or-treaters will be handing Fair Trade chocolate back to adults, with informational cards attached, to explain the problems of the cocoa industry and how Fair Trade presents a solution. Through providing children with an opportunity to have their voice heard, hundreds of thousands of households in the US are getting the message: child exploitation and forced labor will not be tolerated by our kids. This year Global Exchange is offering 1,000 Reverse Trick-or-Treating kits to individuals on a first come, first served basis so get your order in quickly! Global Exchange will be taking orders now through October 17th, 2011. (more…)

FTUSA Opens Certification to Coffee Workers While FLO Will Not


Fair Trade USA (FTUSA) recently announced that it will permit certification of coffee & other products produced by unorganized farmers and farm workers, and not just reserve certification for organized cooperatives. Similar changes were made in recent years for producers of tea, bananas and flowers, allowing large plantations with hired labor to participate in Fair Trade. Once changes are made to coffee certification, other product certifications like cocoa and sugar should have similar changes. Interestingly, the global certifier Fairtrade International (FLO), within which FTUSA is the exclusive US labeling initiative, announced it is not changing its coffee certification as FTUSA is. FLO prefers to continue its focus to benefit small-scale coffee farmers.

The changes for FTUSA are part of its newly launched strategy, Fair Trade for All, which aims to double U.S. sales of Fair Trade Certified goods by 2015. More on FTUSA’s Fair Trade for All strategy.

More on FLO’s announcement that the major changes to coffee certification undertaken by FTUSA are not being made by FLO, in FLO’s response.

Fair World Project Launches “Be Fair” Campaign


Fair World Project recently launched “Be Fair: Bringing Justice to the Marketplace” campaign to call upon major brands and companies in the marketplace to “Be Fair” and source Fair Trade ingredients and products. Help educate the marketplace about Fair Trade and key Fair Trade certifiers and standards. (more…)