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FLO Re-evaluating Its Approach to Workers Rights

Fairtrade Labelling International (FLO), the dominant certifier of Fair Trade products, recently announced that it is reviewing its approach to hired labor.  FLO says that “Despite our rigorous Standards and certification system, we know that workers can face many subtle or overt barriers to enjoying quality work conditions and to forming or joining a union, even in Fairtrade. That’s why we launched a major programme to deepen Fairtrade’s impact for workers and hired labourers.”

FLO’s plan includes forming an advisory committee, conducting pilot trainings across Latin America with workers, and creating a brochure to educate plantation and factory workers about their rights and where to go if they have complaints or concerns. FLO now has a full-time staff person in the position of Senior Adviser on Worker Rights and Trade Union Relations, currently Wilbert Flinterman.

Fair Trade Resource Network is developing a webinar for Fair Trade advocates on the state of labor rights in Fair Trade, to be conducted in August or September.

More on FLO’s plan at FLO article.


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