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FLO New Standards Framework to Start July 1

Fairtrade International (FLO), the dominant certifier of Fair Trade products, will begin implementing its New Standards Framework on July 1, 2011. FLO’s goal in revising the framework over the past 1.5 years was to make the Fairtrade Standards easier to understand and more adaptable to producers’ local situation, and give producers the freedom to determine their own path to development.

Some key changes include:
1. Requirements are divided into “core” (required) and “development” (averaged), where producers decide what areas of development to focus on.
2. The Fairtrade Small Producer Organization and Contract Production Standards have been rewritten into simple, straightforward language and all requirements for producers are now included in just one document.
3. The new new structure will facilitate benchmarking and make it easier to collaborate with other sustainability systems.
4. The revised environmental requirements in the New Standards Framework keep people at the heart of the Fairtrade system.
More at FLO New Standards Framework announcement.


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