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CRS Fair Trade Fund Awards $87,000 to 3 Grantees

Catholic Relief Service’ (CRS) 2011 Fair Trade Fund grant awards, totaling $87,000, will go to three recipients representing Fair Trade business, academia and artisan producers: Cooperative Coffees, Cabrini College and St. Joseph’s University, and CRS-Pakistan.

This year’s CRS Fair Trade Fund grants are awarded for:

Cooperative Coffees (CoopCoffee), Montreal, Canada                                                    $19,000

With this grant, CoopCoffee will lead an assembly of other Fair Trade coffee leaders and international Fair Trade trail-blazers to review and study the business practices of Fair Trade.  Together, they will produce a guide of key practices and replicable actions that can be used to assist all Fair Trade businesses, producers and consumers.

Cabrini College and St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA                                        $14,000

The overall purpose of this grant is to demonstrate how institutions of higher education can cultivate individual and institutional Fair Trade leaders. Cabrini College and St. Joseph’s University will match their grant to foster greater awareness of Fair Trade through Fair Trade immersion trips, academic research and coursework, and a conference among 12 Delaware Valley area Catholic colleges and universities.  A new Fair Trade Consortium will be formed at the conference to support future collaborations to advance Fair Trade in this region.

CRS/Pakistan– Fair Trade to Strengthen Women Producers and Marketers                  $50,000

CRS-Pakistan will use this grant to help artisan small businesses qualify for and achieve Fair Trade status.  The grant is phase two of an on-going project to introduce and strengthen women-run entrepreneurial enterprises using Fair Trade principles.

In this phase, 129 Afghan refugee women, who are artisans skilled in textile handcrafts, and 35 Pakistani women marketers will focus on business management skills to help grow their enterprises.  Together they will produce management, marketing and financial plans along with profitability projections.  The textile products created and marketed include carpets, embroidery, and cross-stitch.

More at CRS grants post.


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