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Novel Joint Statement Issued by FLO, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ

In February 2011, the ISEAL Stakeholders’ Workshop in Bern, Switzerland saw Fairtrade, Sustainable Agriculture Network(SAN)/Rainforest Alliance and UTZ CERTIFIED release a joint statement that publicly acknowledged their aligned goal of transforming the world’s production systems and value chains to make them more sustainable. The certifiers recognize the market competition between themselves, and view it as healthy for innovation and diversity. They reject harmonization of standards, but intend to work to reduce certification costs for producers. See the full Joint Statement.


  1. Edith Rasell

    Could you tell me: to what extent is the Rain Forest Alliance seal also certifying fair trade standards? On the RFA webpage, it sounds like, at best, they uphold standards similar to those of FairTrade USA, but not standards to ensure “authentic” fair trade such as EMO requires. Can you clarify

  2. FTRN has never heard anyone in the Fair Trade movement consider RA as Fair Trade certification. The main reason is the low emphasis given to social & economic criteria, as RA is almost entirely an environmental standard.

    FTRN considers the recognitions listed on the following page as Fair Trade, mostly due to acceptance across the Fair Trade movement:

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