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Advocates Ellaborate on Fair Trade USA’s Name Change - FLO Changes Name Too

In response to TransFair USA changing its name, and Organic Consumers Association launching a public campaign & petition opposing the change, lots of people expressed their views in February. Over 10,000 individuals and 30 companies signed the petition. Bloggers wrote on Equal Exchange, IATP, and other websites. FTRN produced a 50-min. webinar, titled “A Community Discussion of TransFair’s Name Change to Fair Trade USA, and Pending Service Mark Application”, on February 9th.

Also in recent weeks, Fairtrade Labeling International, the umbrella group that Fair Trade USA belongs to, changed its name to Fairtrade International and introduced a slightly revised logo. Details at FLO.

Webinar panelists included FTUSA CEO Paul Rice, Equal Exchange’s Rodney North, and United Church of Christ’s Edith Rasell. Below are some key points raised. Read more extensive notes from Webinar 105. Get a recording of Webinar 105.


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