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Fair Trade Month Countdown

by Zarah Partriana

In Case You Missed It…

In case you missed it, it is Fair Trade Month. And in case you missed me, I apologize for the lack of posts but I have been a busy bee winning Fair Trade prizes (amongst other things).

This whole month, TransFairUSA has been counting down the Fair Trade days and all the ways you can get involved with spreading Fair Trade. In order to bring you up to speed, here’s the list so far:

Way 1: Spread the Word

Way 2: Get Your Fair Trade Coffee Fix

Day 2: 87 million pounds of Fair Trade Certified coffee

Day 3: Fair Trade Certified Wine

Way 3: Find Fair Trade Certified Wine

Day 4: Fair Trade Certified Fruit

Way 4: Make a Banana Split Even Better

Day 5: Fair Trade Month Events

Way 5: Get the Party Started

Day 6: Delicious Cocoa

Way 6: Enjoy Fair Trade Chocolate

Day 7: The Impact

Way 7: Show your support

Day 8: Chirp Chirp

Way 8: Tweet Tweet

Day 9: Fair Trade AND Organic?!

Way 9: Help Farmers Transition to Organic

Day 10: Fair Trade Certified at a store near you

Way 10: Ask for it!

Day 11: Fair Trade Towns USA

Way 11: Make Your Town a Fair Trade Town

Way 12: Ask Questions

Day 12: Starbucks and the Small-Scale Farmer Loan Program

Day 13: Fair Trade Month Events

Way 13: Register your Fair Trade Month event

Day 14: 11 Years of Fair Trade Certification in the United States

Way 14: Host a Fair Trade Coffee cupping event

Day 15: Educating and Empowering Fair Trade Producers

Way 15: Take a (Educational) Coffee Break

Day 16: Fair Trade Certified Flowers

Way 16: Give someone special Fair Trade flowers

Day 17: Baking the Fair Trade Way

Way 17: Bake Cupcakes

Day 18: Fair Trade, the Market and You

Way 18: Spread the Word

Day 19: Fair Trade and Peru

Way 19: Learn more about Fair Trade Certified coops

Day 20: Nearly 900 Fair Trade Producer Organizations

Way 20: Find the Origin

Day 21: Travelling the Fair Trade Way

Way 21: Give a town a purpose

Twenty one days of Fair Trade and counting. Stay tuned to the Fair Trade Month website as they continue to highlight Fair Trade days and Fair Trade ways we can all get involved.


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