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A Fair Trade Anniversary!

by Jackie DeCarlo

As I write anniversary celebrations for SERRV have begun.  Started by Church of the Brethren relief workers, this Fair Trade pioneer has been working to eradicate poverty for 60 years!  While now an independent organization, SERRV is a fine example of how faith-based values shaped the Fair Trade movement a generation ago, creating a legacy for both secular and religious participants.    I encourage you to visit the SERRV website to take a look at the timeline of its accomplishments, which were often fueled by volunteers. http://www.serrv.org/AboutUs/60thAnniversary.aspx

Also please consider sharing on this blog your own faith community’s commitment to Fair Trade.  Last week we learned of a congregational church utilizing Fair Trade coffee to support for U.S. troops in harm’s way.  Let us know how or why your faith-community  participates in the Fair Trade movement.


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