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First FT Standards for Gold Nearly Complete

Fairtrade Labeling Organization, and Alliance for Responsible Mining, are reported to be finalizing the first standards for Fair Trade Certified gold.  These partners are creating a distinctly different certification system than one being developed for socially responsible gems and precious metals by the Responsible Jewelry Council.  The latter system is not calling itself Fair Trade, rather socially responsible.  See full article.


  1. Nichole Warner

    This is such an important issue, now more than ever. As the prices of gold skyrocket, new goldmining operations are popping up everywhere, often leaving environmental degradation and human suffering in their wake. We recently blogged about this topic http://www.fairtrademarketplace.com/blog.php?pg=0 . We are so grateful to be a part of a movement that truly works to change things in the world.

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