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Fair Trade Month

ft-month-2009by Zarah Patriana

31 Days, 31 Ways

Looking at the calendar, it dawned on me that Fair Trade Month is less than a month away.  In case you didn’t know, October is designated Fair Trade Month and it is all about

[S]preading the word.  It’s about letting your friends, family and coworkers know what a big difference Fair Trade makes in the lives of small farmers and farm workers throughout the world.

Fair Trade Month is hosted by TransFairUSA to promote awareness and sales of Fair Trade Certified products. This year, the goal is to reach even more people than before.  The running theme is 31 Days, 31 Ways, 3100 Followers and 31000 Fans. Each day, there will be 31 different Fair Trade facts features, along with 31 ways to spread Fair Trade in your community - both local and online!

Jet on over to the Fair Trade Month website where you can find out about events going on in your city, or register your own event. You can even post photos, share videos and interact with Fair Traders across the country. Oh, sweet interactivity on the internets. The future is now.  But once you’re done perusing the site, get out into your community and start planning an event. I know my Bay Area Fair Trade Coalition-San Francisco Chapter has already got our wheels turning on the big month - Reverse Trick-or-Treating anyone?

Let the countdown begin…


  1. Hello, this Starbucks Coffee Korea.
    We are planning to special fair trade events in our stores and can we use your logo and the visual on the upper right box for our poster? I would appreciate your support to make our fair trade coffee promotion efforts more meaningful.

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