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Getting More from your Summer S’mores

by Zarah Patriana

Labor Day is right around the corner so that means that the end of summer is nearly upon us.  All summer long, my fellow Fair Traders and I have been taking part in the National S’mores Action and demanding more from our s’mores.

My s’mores event took place right around August 10th, when Hershey’s made the call to celebrate National S’mores Day while using their chocolate.  Celebrate National S’mores Day I did but I used Fair Trade Certified chocolate instead. It was our day to make the call to Hershey’s and the rest of the cocoa industry to step up and do their part in ending poverty and putting a halt on abusive child labor in the cocoa industry.

Look at the action as being a big chocolatey petition, which could be the most delicious political action you might ever take. The goal is to register over 1,500 s’mores this summer to make a statement that we want our chocolate to be Fair Trade Certified.

So, as we countdown and bid farewell to summer grab those graham crackers, marshmallows and Fair Trade Certified chocolate and take action to and help say farewell to child slavery in the chocolate industry.


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