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FTRN Announces 5 Ways to Publicize Your Organization

Publicity Opportunities for Partners While Supporting Fair Trade

As FTRN increases consumer awareness of Fair Trade, and facilitates discussion about Fair Trade, we rely on collaborations with partners.  To achieve our organization’s goals, generate income to sustain our programs, and help partners advance their own interests, we are offering several publicity opportunities for you to engage with us.

During this financially challenging year, we wish to help you assess the value of FTRN opportunities compared with others you have.  So, we list all of our current options below, with key details.  Please look over the following opportunities, and let us know if you have questions, interest, or other ideas in working with us.

For further information, please contact Jeff Goldman, Executive Director at info@ftrn.org, or 917-464-5558.

Sponsoring World Fair Trade Day 2010 campaign

$3300 for major sponsors, $825 for regular sponsors

10% off before November 30; final deadline March 30

By starting campaign planning earlier (September), simplifying the messages, and expanding outreach beyond core audiences, we intend to make N. America’s largest FT event even bigger and more effective.  This past May the campaign grew to 456 events, 65,020 participants, and 101 media placements.  You can publicize your organization in print and online, and help shape the campaign messages and activities.

Sponsoring the 5th edition of Conscious Consumer


Deadline November 30

Over 60,000 booklets have been distributed to date.  Sponsorship includes a customized, branded 1st page for your pre-ordered copies.  Sponsorship also includes publicizing your organization in print and online, getting 200 free booklets, and chances to edit the booklet.  By January 2010, we will update the content, reduce the # of pages from 34 to around 10, and offer complementary Power Point and PDF files to go with the hardcopy of this key document for introducing people to FT.

Scholarships for FT Producers or Students for a Fair Trade Futures Conference

$250 per producer; $100 per student; travel optional

Deadline July 31

For a N. American FT Futures conference of around 750 attendees next September in Boston, you can sponsor the admission fees of students and FT producers (who you may select).  Additional option to sponsor their travel expenses. It will be 5 years since the previous conference, N. America’s largest FT meeting, so this opportunity may not come again soon.  More details coming soon.  Other organizations will sell sponsorship and advertising for the conference itself.

Sponsoring or advertising in the 2010 Fair Trade Calendar

$500 sponsorship; $50 ad

Deadline September 7

We are aiming to print 2,500 calendars initially and if pre-sales exceed that number, more may calendars may be printed in order to meet demand. Sponsors not only receive sole exposure for a whole month, you’ll also gain additional visibility and benefit from calendar outreach and promotional efforts.  Advertisers get your business listed in the “Where to Buy Fair Trade” section of this inaugural first edition printed calendar.

Sponsoring a children’s book about FT (possible)

Estimated:  $2500 major sponsor; $1000 minor sponsor

Deadline tbd

A final draft of this book for elementary school kids should be available by spring 2010.  While we cannot accept sponsorships at this early stage, we want you to be aware of this prospective opportunity.


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