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Label Confusion?

Fair Trade CertifiedMany Fair Traders, and consumers in general, have expressed concerns about the way product labels are evolving in the U.S.  Many people wonder which labels they can trust, what the difference is between various labels, and whether or not labels should be applied to certain types of products (apparel, handcrafts, certain food items, etc.)  We welcome your thoughts on this and related label issues!


  1. Good post.

  2. Hi Jeff

    Im surprised there is confusion and mistrust since the Fair trade Labelling Organisation has quite strict and precise guidelines for what can and cannot be labelled, specifically consumables.

    If a product has the fair trade label, then this would surely be a mark of endorsement that the product is genuine?


  3. Hi Jeff,

    Our company is a small wholesaler of Fair Trade Certified flowers, and the confusion in labeling with flowers is a tremendous obstacle in our business. I recently wrote an artifle about it here: http://bit.ly/3h7xj.

  4. I’ll be testing this Endicia PDF way of pnintirg next week. Should solve the challenge after the times our label printer jams or looses orders. Thanks for all you do with 4 years of great service!

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