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‘Fair Trade Fridays’ promise coffee

SMC Collegian, CA

The Mission and Ministry Center is beginning a project to educate the campus about the economic and social justice movement known as fair trade.

On Friday morning, the first of a series of monthly events known as “Fair Trade Fridays” was held at the Mission and Ministry Center’s lounge, near the Chapel. Fair trade coffee, tea and chocolates were available.

Rebecca Sallee, associate director of Lasallian mission, said that the products were bought from Lasalle High School in Yakima, Washington, which is involved in a project to find and sell fair trade products.

Unlike free trade, which calls for trading with no restrictions, the main principle of fair trade is that people should be encouraged to buy products from producers who pay their workers a living wage. The movement has a growing presence worldwide, particularly in Latin America where farmers and companies have agreed to cooperate on these principles.

Sallee said that this month’s event focuses on fair trade as a way to connect with Lasallian communities around the world, as she noted that, “fair trade is a good way to promote many of our Lasallian and Catholic values, such as justice for the poor, and respect for all persons.”


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