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Peace Coffee: Changing the world a cup at a time

- Minneapolis Star Tribune

Every morning, Andy Lambert, a local Olympian in the sustainable-development movement, straps on his helmet, mounts his bicycle and begins a 20-mile ride that will take him, bike trailer in tow, to several stores, coffee shops and food cooperatives where he’ll deliver about 300 pounds of “Peace Coffee.”

“There’s something beautiful about physical labor that makes the soul rest easy at the end of a long day,” said the well-conditioned Lambert, who traded a desk job to pedal nearly 5,000 miles annually. “We at Peace Coffee hope that our mantra of ‘pedal not petrol’ inspires other companies to consider adding bicycle delivery to their business model.” (more…)

Fair-trade Fashion Show and Concert Advocates Awareness of Modern Day Slavery

- Market Watch
Modern day slavery is alive and well in many parts of the world today. Unfortunately, many Americans are unaware of just how many of their goods are produced by enslaved individuals and the startling number of children forced into sex slavery and armed forces worldwide. A group of 215 Pepperdine University students aims to raise public awareness and funds for victims of modern day slavery through the Life Mission Fashion Show and Concert to be held Sunday, November 2, 2008, at 2 p.m. at Pepperdine’s Alumni Park in Malibu, Calif. (more…)

City to become ‘Fair Trade Town’

- Chico Enterprise Record

City Councilors are taking steps to make Chico a “Fair Trade Town.”

The Chico City Council voted Tuesday 5-2 to pursue a resolution supporting fair trade and to commit to serving certified fair trade products at its meetings, one of five requirements to become a certified Fair Trade Town.

The City Attorney’s Office will prepare an official resolution, which will go before the council at a future meeting. (more…)

Reversing Halloween: Fair trade treats seek to sweeten workers’ lives

- Daily Hampshire Gazette

What a difference a year can make. Last year, three families participated in Reverse Trick or Treating. This year there will be 100, plus several school groups.

Reverse Trick or Treating is just as it sounds. When given candy by neighbors, children give back fair trade chocolate with a flier telling of child labor in the cocoa industry, specifically in West Africa, said Yuri Friman, chairman of the Amherst Fair Trade Partnership. (more…)

Kicking goals in fair trade sports goods

- The Daily Telegraph (Australia)

AS a teacher, Nick Savaidis spent time talking to students about the impact of globalisation — especially the common use of sweat shops and child labour.

“The kids used to get upset about the way kids were treated in the sweat shops,” he said. “But then they would turn up in their brand name gear that is well known to be made in sweat shops.”

Mr Savaidis said he felt so strongly about the plight of people being exploited in sweat shops that he started importing fair trade goods in 2004 under the No Sweat label. (more…)

Bucknell students mark plight of world’s poor

- Standard Journal, PA

With temperatures plunging below the freezing mark, imagine stepping out of your comfort zone and spending four straight nights camping outside.

That’s exactly what members of Bucknell University’s Students for Fair Trade organization are doing this week in an effort to draw attention to the plight of global poverty.

The students have a small camp set up outside the Elaine Langone Center on campus. They’re also living on $1 per day for food. The move is symbolic of the large number of people around the world who have to survive on less than $1 per day. (more…)

Fair Trade Speaker Sheds Light on Important Issue

- Manhattan College Quadrangle

Just Peace and Campus Ministry & Social Action (CMSA) hosted a speaker to help MC students learn about organic Fair Trade coffee on Thursday, Oct. 9.

A grant from Catholic Relief Services (CRS), an organization that assists impoverished and disadvantaged people overseas, supported the event. CRS also “supports artisans and farmers around the world by promoting Fair Trade as an alternative to business-as-usual.” (more…)

Wine with a Nose for Fairness


Tiffany Tompkin’s pioneering company recycles and buys used, offsets its carbon footprint, donates to U.S. scholarship funds, and supports social development initiatives in Argentina, Chile, and South Africa, where its Fair Trade wines are produced.

When you purchase a bottle of wine at the supermarket, do you know where your dollars go? If you make that purchase a bottle of Etica Fair Trade wine you do. On her Web site, Tiffany Tompkins, owner of Etica Fair Trade breaks it down for you. (more…)

Lightning Fast Pushes Ethical Clothing to Extreme with New Organic, Fair Trade T-shirt Range


In a dynamic web experience, ethical consumers can pick from 102 variations of organic, fair trade cotton T-shirts. The range covers men, women, boys, girls and babies. For the more adventurous, there’s a fabric option that mixes 70% organic bamboo with 30% fair trade organic cotton. (The speed at which bamboo grows makes it an extremely sustainable raw material for making fabric.) (more…)

CraftNetwork: Making fair-trade sustainable

- Business Week

Yesterday I got a chance to chat with Chris Benz, founder of fair-trade exporter of artisan-made goods CraftNetwork. (Benz got in touch from Indonesia, where he’s based, after we wrote about CraftNetwork a few weeks ago.)

Seven years ago Benz started the business exporting handicrafts made by local artisans in Indonesian villages. Before then, the craftmakers were generally competing against one another and their market was limited to tourists passing through. By coordinating over 1,200 artisans to make products to similar specifications, CraftNetwork lets them compete for wholesale buyers in the global market. So instead of buying factory-made goods, customers could get the same volume and uniformity from CraftNetwork’s artisan suppliers working independently in their own homes or workshops. (more…)