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Trick and Trade

CBS 3 Springfield, MA

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A group of Hadley teens are putting a new spin on Trick or Treating. They’re trying to to change the kind of chocolate people buy to help kids half a world away. Instead of Trick or Treat it will be Trick and Trade.

Jaimon Olmstead and his 8th grade class at Hartsfrook School in Hadley are joining up with thousands of trick or treater’s across the US and Canada.

They’re hoping to shed light on big chocolate corporations who use child labor off the Ivory Coast of Africa where 40 percent of the world’s cocoa is produced.

Jaimon says, “Put pressure on the large chocolate companies which make and control 80 percent of the cocoa that’s made in the ivory coast so they can really do something about it.”

The kids call it Reverse Trick or Treating and hope to spread the word one piece of “Fair Trade Chocolate by going door to door in Amherst.

So instead of the traditional kind of trick or treating going house to house and taking candy these 8th graders will be handing out a little bit of information and some free trade chocolate instead.

Fair trade chocolate is produced without the use of child labor and student will carry about 15 pieces attached to an informational card.

Olmstead says, “It’s just really showing that you can also buy this fair trade chocolate at stores and there really isn’t much of a price difference or anything and there is a little logo that certifies that it’s fair trade.”

Parents say it’s great to see their kids banding together to support such a cause and that it’s transformed Halloween into a meaningful event.

Rob Olmstead says, “Usually the interaction at Halloween is all of about three seconds so these kids will have to stand up a little bit and make conversation with complete strangers and that’s character building if nothing else.

Jaimon says, “Hopefully it will keep going until we really make a difference.”


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