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Mankato ‘Reverse Trick-or-Treaters’ Give Fair Trade Chocolate


Trick-or-treaters in Mankato are spreading awareness about Fair Trade chocolate and problems with the global cocoa trade this Halloween.

A few hundred children are expected to participate in “reverse trick-or-treating,” giving chunks of chocolate to homeowners in exchange for candy.

The campaign hopes to raise awareness of child labor, poverty and other issues surrounding the global cocoa industry, and let people know about Fair Trade chocolate alternatives.

The national campaign distributed samples to 72,000 households nationwide last year. The website www.globalexchange.org provides kits with fliers and fair trade chocolate.

“The most important thing about Reverse Trick or Treating is the message informing households on Halloween about the problems in the cocoa industry and how Fair Trade provides a solution, empowering cocoa farmers to build a better life for their families,” according to the website.


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