Monthly Archives: September 2008

Palestine’s olive oil garners raves from believers in fair trade with farmers


TORONTO - Olive oil from some of the oldest groves in the world is garnering interest in Canada.

For more than 2,000 years, Palestinian farmers have grown olives, producing an aromatic organic oil with a flavour evocative of fresh fruit. Five years ago, through the efforts of Toronto businessman Robert Massoud, the non-profit organization Zatoun was founded to import fair-trade olive oil from Palestine. (more…)

DEVELOPMENT: Peace Baskets Bring Hope to Rwandan Women


KIGALI, Aug 31 (IPS) - In the courtyard of a red brick home in the district of Gitarama outside Kigali, three women sit together on a bench, laughing and gossiping as they wrap lengths of crimson twine around a curl of bunched straw. While it may seem like little more then Rwandan tradition, these weavers represent an economic success the tiny landlocked country has earned by the hands of its women.  (more…)

Making the world a better place one purchase at a time - Green movement collides with fair trade products


Customer Nancy Mast, of Frankfort, registers with Thoughtful World Shop, a business owned by Colleen Laino (right) that sells fair-trade merchandise online, at home parties and at farmers markets.Colleen Laino spends her weekends outdoors peddling baskets, jewelry and reusable totes crafted by artisans in Third World countries.

Though she started the Thoughtful World Shop as an online business, Laino sells her wares at farmers markets in Frankfort and Tinley Park to raise awareness about the growing fair trade movement. (more…)