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Fairtrade Recognised by Consumers


A recent public survey conducted by Colmar Brunton on behalf of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (FTAANZ) indicates consumer recognition of the FAIRTRADE Label has now reached 36% in New Zealand, an increase from a similar survey conducted 2 years ago that showed just 2% recognition at that time.

Retail sales of Fairtrade Certified products in New Zealand grew 60% last year to over NZ$9 million, this is well above the global average of 40%. Global sales of Fairtrade Certified products are now more than NZ$4.8 billion. The UK market is now worth NZ$1.25 billion with 70% public recognition of the FAIRTRADE Label. This all indicates scope for further growth in New Zealand.

“By thinking about what we buy at the supermarket and supporting Fairtrade, we are able to make a tangible, personal difference with the reassurance that something as easy as thinking about the coffee we buy is helping to make a difference to another person, their family and community.” says Steve Knapp, Director, Fairtrade ANZ

56% of New Zealanders in the latest survey showed understanding of the fair trade concept – “guaranteeing a better deal for farmers and workers in developing countries” – and 42% said they would buy more Fairtrade products if they were more available.

This bodes well for new Fairtrade Certified product launches, with Wild Bean Cafe, Robert Harris, Gravity Coffee, Caffe L’affare and Scarborough Fair all launching new Fairtrade Certified products into mainstream retail in the last 12 months. From service stations to supermarkets, it has never been easier for consumers to choose Fairtrade and make a real difference to farmers and workers lives in the poorer parts of the world.


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